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Read Through: BSC #10 - Logan Likes Mary Anne!

Sorry this one is late, everyone - I'm fighting off a cold and I completely forgot :( I'm also super behind on the readthrough so expect some late comments to the previous posts :p
We've got a Super Special coming up in a few weeks - just a heads up to anyone who needs to dig their books out. :)

Logan Likes Mary Anne


Welcome to the discussion post for Logan Likes Mary Anne! This post doesn't have an expiry date on it, so just comment whenever you're ready.

What was your favourite part? What was your least favourite part? Any memorable quotes you'd like to share? What had you forgotten about since the last time this book was read? If someone wrote a fic set during the timeline of this fic, what should they write?

There are no mandatory questions or points of discussion for this - anything you want to talk about in relation to this week's book, go ahead!

Next week's book is BSC #11 - Kristy and the Snobs

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and earn pretty much money - this phrase always tripped me up. I have never heard this construction before outside this book and I cannot figure out if it's a typo or a regionalism.

MA fangirling Cam Geary is adorable.

Reading the description of the first day of school is so satisfying. It almost makes me miss going to school.

It's weird that they don't allow tape in the lockers but the gum thing is SO gross. Magnets, Mary Anne! Ever heard of magnets???

We would have a real graduation ceremony in June. After that, we would go on to the high school. Oh, you sweet summer child.

Aw, I love Stacey and Claudia joining their lunch table and them not really saying anything.

Why doesn't Kristy just walk home with MA and hang out on meeting days? What time does school let out? My jr high let out at 3:30 so there wouldn't be any point in going home for a 5:30 meeting especially if they have to wait for Charlie.

Aw, poor Claudia so flustered about how she's going to keep up.

Them anticipating Logan's arrival at the meeting is so awkward and adorable. And Mary Anne getting tongue-tied and fumbling with the appointment book.

I guess the PTA meeting was a general PTA meeting just being held at SMS. Because otherwise I have no idea why Mrs. Rodowsky was at SMS.

You can kind of see Kristy's descent into madness here with vetting new sitters. Dawn just got a brief oral exam, Logan's under observation... and then we get poor Mallory.

It's Mary Anne's famous cities skirt!

Stacey wanting to buy Mary Anne underwear?!?! And it's kind of making me ship Stacey/Mary Anne??!!?

Kristy canceled a meeting! I feel like later they say Kristy has never canceled/missed a meeting so I'm being very vigilant about this. She missed a meeting in Mary Anne Saves the Day and she has canceled one here. (What is it with Mary Anne books?)

LOL at Dawn ironing MA's clothes.

I really think Mary Anne's shyness/social awkwardness is done well here. I can totally identify with being miserable during an event but wanting to try again at the end of it.

Yay, Dawn and Kristy bonding! I love it. I love that they can kind of confide in each other in a more honest way than they each can with Mary Anne because even though she's each of their best friend, she is still a bit fragile, but they can talk honestly about problems together. Like, I think Mary Anne is still a little upset not to have Kristy next door, but Kristy can talk with Dawn about the move.

And Logan is really good with Mary Anne! He's so sweet.

Poor Mary Anne. Ugh. I do see how that would be a nightmare for her. But I like how she takes the initiative in calling everyone and how they make it up to her with a smaller party. And Tigger!
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It's weird that they don't allow tape in the lockers but the gum thing is SO gross. Magnets, Mary Anne! Ever heard of magnets???
Bleck, yeah. Plus, wouldn’t that draw the ants in?

Dawn just got a brief oral exam, Logan's under observation... and then we get poor Mallory.
Hahaha, yeah. Kristy evolving into batshit. O the other hand, Shannon gets into the club just like that, despite some jerky behavior!

I like that Kristy visits Dawn in the Impossible Three book, and now it’s Dawn’s turn to visit, and they are on MUCH better terms re: Mary Anne. It’s also really sweet how Kristy confides to Dawn that she feels funny being left behind in the boy department.

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When we returned to the table with our trays, we were surprised to find Stacey and Claudia there with their trays. Since when had they decided to eat with us? We were good friends, but last year they always thought they were so much more sophisticated than we were. They liked to talk about boys and movie stars and who was going out with whom. … Had Stacey and Claudia changed, or had Kristy and Dawn and I? Pretty sure you've changed at least, Mary Anne! But Stacey and Claudia might also value the others' friendship more by this point.

If I just brush it and leave it alone, it ripples nicely, kind of as if I’d had a body wave, which I haven’t. What the heck is a body wave in this context? Wiktionary suggests a kind of earthquake which seems wrong. :p
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This was me!

(Anonymous) 2016-07-07 08:23 am (UTC)(link)
A body wave is a less extreme permanent wave. It's also a little old-fashioned in the 80s, haha.
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I find the whole "ooh, don't tell Kristy" thing when Dawn's dad sends her the shirt really weird. Is nobody else allowed to talk about their dads now? :/
Maybe because they think she’s in the extra touchy, getting used to Watson (+ new neighborhood) phase? It is weird though.

I had always assumed Alma had died when Mary Anne was too little to have memories of her.
A lot of the later books say she doesn’t have memories of Alma at ALL. But I think I’ll consider this ‘truer’ since it was written first, and by AMM.

I adore when Mary Anne fangirls, whether it be about New York or a boy. :D And Logan has such a THING for Mary Anne’s smile, d’awww. He also waxes poetic over it in BabySitters Remember.
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-I’d forgotten that Mary Anne’s the youngest. I’m a December baby, so I totally feel your youngest!semi-angst there, Mary Anne.

-I like how cool they all are with the silent agreement that they’ll all sit together now – but I have to giggle at their old Shillaber seatmates finding boy twins to sit with. I mean – how convenient!

-So, ah, has Kristy started wearing a bra by the time the time warp starts?

-They are all so adorable with their oh-so-obvious s squee about Logan, and I love how Stacey is the first to sense that Mary Anne has a (serious) crush on him.

-Yay, Mary Anne, for surviving a Rodowsky job with the boy you have a humongous crush on! I love how she doesn’t let the crush blind her from evaluating Logan as a sitter. And how in Logan’s chapter in Babysitters Remember (aka his POV of this job), he’s also really self-conscious of Mary Anne evaluating him, and trying to think of ways to just get her to talk. (Yeah, I cross-referenced like a totals nerd.)

-heh, even MIMI tried to catch Chewie.

- Charlotte settled herself in Stacey’s lap, even though she’s almost too big to do that. <3 <3 <3

- Huh, they cancelled to help Mary Anne get ready? I would so like to know the behind- the-scenes stuff going on with the rest of the BSC here. There must’ve been a plenty of of “Our little Mary Anne, going on a date!” feelings.

-Early days baby Mary Anne/Logan is loads cuter than I remember it being. It’s nice that they have that convo about her shyness, and it makes sense that Logan’s attracted to how Mary Anne is “serious about people”. And before her shoe flew off, that goofy dancing scene was adorable. :D

No girl has ever fooled around with me like that. –awwww
And hey, Logan dances with all the girls! Sometimes I forget he’s friends with everybody else too.

- I LOVE how Richard handles everything in this book, he’s basically like “My baby is growing up – and that’s good.” Plus: Give a home to a pet that really needs one. He’s really a marshmallow deep down inside! And don’t you love how quickly he agrees to get Tigger?

-Kristy was whispering to Dawn, who was giggling – my how things have changed. :D

-Poor Mary Anne. I can sympathize with her anxiety at thinking everyone MUST hate her for not responding in a more ‘socially acceptable’ way to a surprise party.

And they all wanted you to have them, even after you’d left. It’s good that all her guests were so understanding though.

-So many Stacey and Mary Anne feels again! I like that they both apologized and promised each other to be better at things.

-and ohhhhh, so having associates was Mary Anne’s idea.