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- I find the whole "ooh, don't tell Kristy" thing when Dawn's dad sends her the shirt really weird. Is nobody else allowed to talk about their dads now? :/

- Mary Anne says she 'barely remembers' her mother - I had always assumed Alma had died when Mary Anne was too little to have memories of her. This suddenly blows the angst meter WAY higher.

- Stacey doing her Porky Pig impression! ♥

- I love the gross SMS lunches and the reactions to them haha. I also love that Kristy won't hold back on describing it in gross detail, but she refuses to confirm if Mary Anne still smells like gym class. "*I'm* not going to smell you!"

- Mary Anne is in love with Logan at first sight? Jeez, Stacey was in love with Scott at first sight - SLOW DOWN, GIRLS.

- Mary Anne describes Kristy's old house as a 'split level' - is this true for her own house, and Claud's? WHY DO I FIND THIS SO FASCINATING? It doesn't gel with my mental images of the neighbourhood at all and suddenly I'm brimming with new ones and I LOVE IT.

- Kristy’s mother (who used to be Mrs. Thomas and is now Mrs. Brewer)
Ooh confirmation that Elizabeth dropped Thomas. Is she referred to as Mrs Thomas-Brewer in the later books? I always thought she'd hang onto the Thomas to keep the connection to her kids. (That's what my mum's reasoning was after my parents divorced.)

- Awww Mary Anne's first bra! And she has a crush on a BOY. She's growing up :')

- Omg poor Claud getting all overwhelmed with the new calls coming in. Stupid rich neighbourhood jerks, CALL DURING CLUB HOURS, THEY'RE ON THE FLYER.

- Noooooo phonetic accents

- Aww, she runs home to make sure she looks nice for the meeting. I'm so nervous for her! This is a much less jerky crush than Stacey/Scott. Mary Anne's sudden interest in boys is much more interesting to me than Stacey gushing over some jerk lifeguard :P And she gets so nervous and flustered! Aww.


- Kristy reached over and picked up the phone, somehow managing not to take her eyes off Logan.

- Mariel Rodowsky omg another parent first name yesss this read through has been such a gift.

- "I gotta show you guys my grasshopper. His name is Elizabeth."

- "You have a pretty smile."

- 'Toshe me up' is one of the cutest things ever, awww.

- Aw, Claudia wondering how she'd handle the stickers fiasco, because Gabbie had only wanted to make her door beautiful, but it was still going to take a lot of work to get them off.

- As the owner of a black lab, who is now very old and ploddy and sleepy, the Chewy chase made me laugh ♥

- I used the phone upstairs, just in case Dad should come home early. I sat in the armchair in his room holding a slip of paper in one hand. Logan’s number was written on the paper. I took ten deep breaths. I was trying to calm down, but the breaths made me dizzy. I think I was hyperventilating. I stretched out on Dad’s bed until I’d recovered.
lmao awwww Mary Anne ♥ ♥

- The Remember September Dance was on a Friday. Dad had not only given me permission to go with Logan, he’d seemed happy about it. In fact, he’d given me his Bellair’s Department Store charge card and told me I could buy a new outfit.
When he handed me the card, his eyes looked sort of teary. I hugged him tight.


- Dad dropped the five of us off at school at precisely 7:25.I leaned over and kissed his cheek. “ ‘Bye,” I said. “Thanks for driving us.”
“Have fun, honey.”


- Lmao I love that Mary Anne describes everyone's outfit and at the end she just adds "we just can't seem to get Kristy out of blue jeans" hahaha

- lmao aw I'd forgotten her shoe flies off! Poor MA.

- Oh gosh, Louie foreshadowing :( :(

- Poor Mary Anne :( I used to suffer so terribly from anxiety I can totally relate to her fleeing that birthday party. And then the guilty/silly feelings she gets afterward :( When I was in the midst of a panic attack I'd always run away. Once I threw all of my belongings into my car and drove to my mum's house in the middle of the night, and only once I'd calmed down did I realise how stupid I was. Ughhh poor MA :(

- Omg Richard agreeing to the cat and Mary Anne flinging herself at him to hug him I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

- Everyone in this book loves Smash - no U4ME yet!

- That toy dinosaur sounds like the most dangerous toy EVER :/

- This book was ADORABLE

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