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and earn pretty much money - this phrase always tripped me up. I have never heard this construction before outside this book and I cannot figure out if it's a typo or a regionalism.

MA fangirling Cam Geary is adorable.

Reading the description of the first day of school is so satisfying. It almost makes me miss going to school.

It's weird that they don't allow tape in the lockers but the gum thing is SO gross. Magnets, Mary Anne! Ever heard of magnets???

We would have a real graduation ceremony in June. After that, we would go on to the high school. Oh, you sweet summer child.

Aw, I love Stacey and Claudia joining their lunch table and them not really saying anything.

Why doesn't Kristy just walk home with MA and hang out on meeting days? What time does school let out? My jr high let out at 3:30 so there wouldn't be any point in going home for a 5:30 meeting especially if they have to wait for Charlie.

Aw, poor Claudia so flustered about how she's going to keep up.

Them anticipating Logan's arrival at the meeting is so awkward and adorable. And Mary Anne getting tongue-tied and fumbling with the appointment book.

I guess the PTA meeting was a general PTA meeting just being held at SMS. Because otherwise I have no idea why Mrs. Rodowsky was at SMS.

You can kind of see Kristy's descent into madness here with vetting new sitters. Dawn just got a brief oral exam, Logan's under observation... and then we get poor Mallory.

It's Mary Anne's famous cities skirt!

Stacey wanting to buy Mary Anne underwear?!?! And it's kind of making me ship Stacey/Mary Anne??!!?

Kristy canceled a meeting! I feel like later they say Kristy has never canceled/missed a meeting so I'm being very vigilant about this. She missed a meeting in Mary Anne Saves the Day and she has canceled one here. (What is it with Mary Anne books?)

LOL at Dawn ironing MA's clothes.

I really think Mary Anne's shyness/social awkwardness is done well here. I can totally identify with being miserable during an event but wanting to try again at the end of it.

Yay, Dawn and Kristy bonding! I love it. I love that they can kind of confide in each other in a more honest way than they each can with Mary Anne because even though she's each of their best friend, she is still a bit fragile, but they can talk honestly about problems together. Like, I think Mary Anne is still a little upset not to have Kristy next door, but Kristy can talk with Dawn about the move.

And Logan is really good with Mary Anne! He's so sweet.

Poor Mary Anne. Ugh. I do see how that would be a nightmare for her. But I like how she takes the initiative in calling everyone and how they make it up to her with a smaller party. And Tigger!

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