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-I’d forgotten that Mary Anne’s the youngest. I’m a December baby, so I totally feel your youngest!semi-angst there, Mary Anne.

-I like how cool they all are with the silent agreement that they’ll all sit together now – but I have to giggle at their old Shillaber seatmates finding boy twins to sit with. I mean – how convenient!

-So, ah, has Kristy started wearing a bra by the time the time warp starts?

-They are all so adorable with their oh-so-obvious s squee about Logan, and I love how Stacey is the first to sense that Mary Anne has a (serious) crush on him.

-Yay, Mary Anne, for surviving a Rodowsky job with the boy you have a humongous crush on! I love how she doesn’t let the crush blind her from evaluating Logan as a sitter. And how in Logan’s chapter in Babysitters Remember (aka his POV of this job), he’s also really self-conscious of Mary Anne evaluating him, and trying to think of ways to just get her to talk. (Yeah, I cross-referenced like a totals nerd.)

-heh, even MIMI tried to catch Chewie.

- Charlotte settled herself in Stacey’s lap, even though she’s almost too big to do that. <3 <3 <3

- Huh, they cancelled to help Mary Anne get ready? I would so like to know the behind- the-scenes stuff going on with the rest of the BSC here. There must’ve been a plenty of of “Our little Mary Anne, going on a date!” feelings.

-Early days baby Mary Anne/Logan is loads cuter than I remember it being. It’s nice that they have that convo about her shyness, and it makes sense that Logan’s attracted to how Mary Anne is “serious about people”. And before her shoe flew off, that goofy dancing scene was adorable. :D

No girl has ever fooled around with me like that. –awwww
And hey, Logan dances with all the girls! Sometimes I forget he’s friends with everybody else too.

- I LOVE how Richard handles everything in this book, he’s basically like “My baby is growing up – and that’s good.” Plus: Give a home to a pet that really needs one. He’s really a marshmallow deep down inside! And don’t you love how quickly he agrees to get Tigger?

-Kristy was whispering to Dawn, who was giggling – my how things have changed. :D

-Poor Mary Anne. I can sympathize with her anxiety at thinking everyone MUST hate her for not responding in a more ‘socially acceptable’ way to a surprise party.

And they all wanted you to have them, even after you’d left. It’s good that all her guests were so understanding though.

-So many Stacey and Mary Anne feels again! I like that they both apologized and promised each other to be better at things.

-and ohhhhh, so having associates was Mary Anne’s idea.

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