May. 10th, 2016

ozqueen: (books: bsc: isoceles)
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So a little reminder that while our read-along is happening and there are lots of exciting comments and discussions happening, this community can be used for pretty much anything BSC! If you want to post icons, random questions or observations outside of the read-along, interesting links or meta, you can!

Also, fic!

So here's a post to prompt fic you really want to see. List your characters and pairings in the subject line, and prompt away!

For ease, let's keep it at one prompt per comment. Remember, anon commenting is on! I would recommend tracking or bookmarking the entry if you can, so you can check back for new prompts and fills periodically.

You can post fills directly in response to the comment, or you can link them to somewhere like AO3 or [community profile] babysitters100, provided the fic isn't locked.