Apr. 23rd, 2016

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So, it turns out I am not the only BSC nonnie hanging around at [community profile] fail_fandomanon and, while I was late to the second thread (post #404), someone suggested reviving (or restarting) the read-along we had here.

We really didn't make it far, which was mostly my fault (looking at the dates, I'd say my grandmother's death really interrupted things for me there). BUT I definitely think we should give it another go.

Thoughts? I'm happy to put a poll post up with suggestions if people want to throw some ideas at me? How does just one post a week sound to everyone? We discuss the book of the week and announce the next book on the list?

Do weekends or weekdays work better for people? Is once a week a good starting point, at least? I'm just going to throw it out there right now that I don't care who starts the post -- maybe we just get to a nominated day and if the post isn't up yet, anyone can start it? That means if I'm slack, I won't kill the community completely...

Anon posting is on and IP logging is off. Feel free to stay anon if that's your preference!

Also I'm going to take the opportunity to point at [community profile] bsc_squee which should definitely get some love and attention. ♥ ♥ ♥

And finally, thank you to the nonnies who rec'd my Charlie/MA fic. I got a little bubble of kudos unexpectedly, and when I found the thread at FFA I was delighted to see others boarding The Good Ship Charlie/Mary Anne ♥

Edit: as per my comment below, does this sound good to everyone?

Okay well, if I aim to get a post up either late Saturday night or early Sunday morning my time, I think that should work? I'm on the east coast of Australia so let's say the post goes up no later than 10AM Sunday for everyone, will that work? If it's not up by that time someone else can post it? That gives Aussies at least one day and the rest of the world a bit more. (And NZ a little bit less, I'm sorry NZ BSCers.)


The post can then be treated like the open posts at FFA where people can dip in and out until the new post goes up the following week.

So we're aiming to kick off with Kristy's Great Idea in a new post next weekend. Sound good to everyone?