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Read Through: Super Special #1 - Baby-sitters On Board!

Baby-sitters on Board!


Welcome to the discussion post for Baby-sitters on Board!! This post doesn't have an expiry date on it, so just comment whenever you're ready.

What was your favourite part? What was your least favourite part? Any memorable quotes you'd like to share? What had you forgotten about since the last time this book was read? If someone wrote a fic set during the timeline of this fic, what should they write?

There are no mandatory questions or points of discussion for this - anything you want to talk about in relation to this week's book, go ahead!

Next week's book is BSC #13 - Goodbye, Stacey, Goodbye!

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This is kind of making me agree with you that Kristy should be the neat one! I wish the neat vs. messy fight was Kristy vs. Claudia with Dawn in the middle.

- Omy why is the little random "the McGills have a ping pong table in their basement" fact SO AMAZING to me?

I love that too! I am picturing them going shopping for furniture to fill up a whole house since they were coming out of an apartment. And now I'm picturing it in the party scene in Logan Likes Mary Anne!
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I find nothing about her endearing, she's such a brat and the fact that she's forgiven for it in the narrative all the time bugs me SO MUCH.
Like, you’ve got Claire who imo is a realistic five-year-old – endearing and silly, sometimes naughty but gets scolded accordingly. AND THEN THERE’S KAREN. It’s especially evident in this book when they’re put side by side.

I just want all the fear/reassurance/hurt/comfort stuff, PLEASE DELIVER IT TO ME, BOOK
boy did SS4 and SS10 gave me high expectations for id-tastic disaster/fear/hurt-comfort goodness in Super Specials!

I’m thinking Watson kept hearing dinner table horror stories of Claudia’s junk food habits, so when he was faced with the prospect of Claudia + junk-food-filled fridge, he was just like Nope.

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Okay, so I presume each of us reserves the right to write a lot of detailed notes when a BSC book comes up with a subject she knows a lot about. I'm afraid this one is mine. I'm so sorry.

So, when exactly is this set? It's not the summer that just ended because the Thomas-Brewer family wasn't going take a vacation so that they could all get to know each other. Claudia and the New Girl takes place in fall. Time warp aside, we've been pretty good on continuity up until now!

I wonder if Mr. Pike's company knew how many people they would be sending on this trip. Are they paying for Stacey and Mary Anne and, if not, who is?

More references to Cousin Robin! I wonder if she isn't a kid. Could she be Elizabeth's cousin? That would explain why she's not referenced in Kristy's Big Day (also would be explained if she's on Patrick's side) because they don't seem to have invited any other relatives beyond Elizabeth's sisters and their families so I can see leaving a first (or more distant) cousin out. The way Kristy specifically says "we" visited her makes it sound like she's adult and not a kid because if she was Kristy's age, wouldn't they say Uncle Whatever and Aunt Whosit and Cousin Robin?

Things that date this book: meal service on domestic flights, being allowed in the cockpit

So, Karen going missing for hours(?) and buying things she doesn't have the permission to buy (I'm sure a Coke can be forgiven but I have no idea what a manicure costs) is "too much." ARRRGH.

Vacation staples I love that start to show up here: Claudia bringing 5 suitcases, Mary Anne spouting off guidebook information about the Ocean Princess.

There is no way I would allow my thirteen-year-old daughter's friends to wander Nassau alone, given that the State Department gives it a "critical" rating for safety (https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/country/the-bahamas.html).

I really love Kristy and the old man. I always wanted to read The Mayor of Casterbridge but I have yet to get around to it.

I guess this is some kind of package deal. This is long before Disney Cruise Line existed, but it's a bit odd that everyone on the cruise is also going to WDW. Especially because this means Mr. Pike won a spot (or 12) on this package trip and then Watson was able to reserve 10 more?

I think it's probably a good thing that Spider is not Claudia's secret admirer because unless the BSC-verse has a lot of thirteen-year-old rock stars, the probability of him being about 20 years too old for her is very high!

Is having a sink outside the bathroom really that fancy? That seems standard motel to me.

I have a difficult time believing there are no R-rated movies playing at any given moment on at least one cable channel.

Claudia shutting down Kristy and Dawn is fantastic. I love that she pulls out Kristin Amanda! I love all the little reminders that even though Kristy and Mary Anne are best friends, Claudia has also known them forever.

Claudia meets the mini-bar! I like how Watson takes the key totally away, like just telling them not to eat anything isn't enough.

Okay, time to show off my Disney nerd stuff with Things That Date This Book, Part II: Main Street vehicles, stores on Main Street actually selling different things instead of all the same crap (Incidentally, they are not staying at a Disney hotel because there isn't one that fits the criteria of "open in 1988," "on the bus line," and "has a fancy dining room," although there were non-Disney-owned on-property hotels already open on Hotel Plaza Blvd.)

Nitpick: They keep using "Disney World" in place of "Magic Kingdom" and it's driving me nuts.

LOL at Elizabeth being an architecture nerd. Crenelations?! She has consistently been my favorite BSC parent on this re-read. She's awesome.

Of course Karen and the Haunted Manson. Also, poor Andrew. If he's so scared Watson has to carry him, maybe they don't go one the ride????

Oh, Mary Anne, you should know better than to feed Margo and then take her on Space Mountain.

I'm surprised Nicky let David Michael buy a necklace when he kept making him throw back the pink shells.

I went nuts as a kid because the BSC went to my favorite place on Earth but I am full of nerd glee that they actually went to the Empress Lilly. That is so delightfully obscure and I love it. All of the descriptions have been bang-on. The person who wrote this book has actually been there.

Argh, Karen being a brat again. But guys, guys, Jenny's the REAL brat, donchaknow?

Wait, ten countries? Ha, Morocco opened in 1988 but I guess it was after this book was published. This is making me even more nostalgic than the Magic Kingdom parts. WORLD OF MOTION. But I'm dying to know where they went for lunch. And, oh, Marc. That made me tear up.

Alex is just plain weird, though. Timothy isn't totally normal either. Claudia, you have a bad track record with infatuations recently.

Kristy and the old man saying good-bye is unexpectedly sad-making! Maybe because deep down inside Kristy is actually an old man???

I am cracking up at the idea that this book is what they wrote in the notebook. Because their parents 100% want to read about Claudia's stalker and Mary Anne's crush.

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Ha, thanks! The incredibly accurate and detailed descriptions of WDW really makes it stand out (I think) that Ann probably did not go on a cruise, lol.

Also, I wish they'd waited a year so MGM was open. I want Mary Anne to go on the Great Movie Ride!
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More references to Cousin Robin! I wonder if she isn't a kid
iirc, she wrote to Kristy in the Chain Letter book? It didn’t occur to me before that she might not be a kid . But then I’m from a country where we call people in our parents’ generation ‘uncle/aunt’ and not ‘cousin’. The Western ‘relative-once-removed’ thing always confused me. She does sound like an adult in the letter – saying “your mom called us” and stuff.

Claudia shutting down Kristy and Dawn is fantastic. I love that she pulls out Kristin Amanda!
I am loving all the moments of “Claudia is done with Kristy’s shit” that this reread is bringing. :D
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Agreed with the aforementioned commenters about not really enjoying the Karen chapters, but I did like the "pirate treasure map" subplot a lot. How it tied into Dawn losing/regaining her bracelet too! And then the ironic denouement. :) Echoes of Nicky and Dawn's plot in the Ghost book.
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-Ah, man, the Marc subplot really got to me in this one. Specially the part where his disability gives Claire and Margo pause, because up to that point they thought he could do everything they did. That’s such a sad growing-up moment. Also, Stacey crying herself to sleep thinking about it and his parents getting choked up at Disney World. : (

-D’awww, Mal has Harriet the Spy fever.

-Byron is my fave triplet (isn’t he everyone’s?) so I was very glad to see his POV here! Extra nice to see Nicky and the triplets getting along too.

We could use it to look for treasure in lots of places. It doesn’t have to be a map for treasure on Treasure Cay. <3<3<3 This is such a great kid-thing. I love their determination to continue the treasure hunt no matter WHERE.

-OMG Kristy plowing past Mr. Staples’s old man grumpiness and teaching him to play video games! And teaming up with him for tournaments! <3

-Vacation Boyfriend alert! Looking back, I think the only BSC Vacation Boyfriend to get a really fleshed-out personality was Michel from SS15. Timothy is as not-normal as his sister – like, tone it down a little, dude. I did like Dawn taming Parker to the idea of stepsiblings, though.

-“Touchy, touchy,” said Dawn, who’s the only one I would have let get away with saying something like that just then. Hah, this is a really sibling thing to say (from both Dawn and Mary Anne) even though they’re not stepsisters yet.

-didn't enjoy the Karen chapters either but my peak SHUT UP KAREN feelings are in Super Mystery 1, lol


(And…did Ann just forget that Sam and Charlie were on the trip ¼ of the way through the book?? Seems like they boarded the ship then dropped off the face of the earth, lol. Guess they didn’t wanna hang out with a bunch of 13 yo’s and their charges.)