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We're still in the realm of the realistic, which is always appreciated :) Not only with the whole BSC-scaring-themselves-silly and finding the secret passage, but also with the Pike family dynamics. I really felt sorry for Nicky in this book, and this subplot probably goes a long way towards my indifference (at best) of the triplets. Nicky struggles a lot with the whole idea of "boy things" vs "girl things" for most of the series, and his older (only) brothers really don't help matters in that regard. It makes me wonder what their relationship as adults would be like...

I really enjoyed the secret passage plot, tho! Its fun reading about the origins of something iconic in the series. And LOVED when Dawn and Stacey actually acknowledged how shitty it is that the other girls only ever bring them crackers when they're pigging out on candy. In the later series it doesn't really seem to bother them, but its nice to see them a little peeved here - and swearing revenge, LOL.

I don't know how I missed it the first (few thousand) time(s) around, but I always thought Cam Geary was an adult heartthrob, for whatever reason. (Like, say, 20ish, the perfect target for fangirl crushes.) It was only when I randomly heard/saw MA's crush compared to the Jonathan Taylor Thomas juggernaut that it finally clicked for me, but its kinda obvious in this book that he's meant to be a teen or even preteen heartthrob. Of all the things to go over my head, LOL... :P

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