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welcome to stoneybrook


This is a community for fans of Ann M. Martin's book series, The Baby-sitters Club. You can use this community to post discussion, questions, links, icons, fanfiction, trade/book requests - anything that relates to the BSC.

We're also happy to talk about any of the spin-off series: California Diaries, Baby-sitter's Little Sister and The Kids in Ms. Colman's Class.

We don't have many rules here - just try to keep your post relevant to the BSC, post anything long or image-heavy under a cut, and remember to treat other members here with respect.


Feel free to make a post to introduce yourself to other members of the BSC community. There's an example below, if you want to use it or modify it. (Use 'html mode' when posting, so the code shows up correctly.)

We'll also try to keep the community active by having discussion posts, icon/fic challenges, regular book and character discussions, polls and trading posts. But don't feel you have to wait for someone else to post something - if you have books to trade, an idea to share or a memory to reminisce, go ahead and post!

If you have any ideas for community activities or challenges, please voice them below.


You can advertise our community by copying and pasting the below code:


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