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Read Through: BSC #21 - Mallory and the Trouble with Twins

Mallory and the Trouble with Twins


Welcome to the discussion post for Mallory and the Trouble with Twins! This post doesn't have an expiry date on it, so just comment whenever you're ready.

What was your favourite part? What was your least favourite part? Any memorable quotes you'd like to share? What had you forgotten about since the last time this book was read? If someone wrote a fic set during the timeline of this fic, what should they write?

There are no mandatory questions or points of discussion for this - anything you want to talk about in relation to this week's book, go ahead!

Next week's book is BSC #22 - Jessi Ramsey, Pet-sitter

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"Oh, I guess you haven’t sat for them," said Kristy. "Actually, the club has only sat for them a couple of times." First time they've been mentioned? I've been holding these early books to a pretty high standard with the continuity nods!

I was also surprised that there was no mention of Matt Braddock or the "secret language" during the "how hard is it to invent/learn another language" section.