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-This one was always a favorite of mine. There was something really comforting about it.

-I love to read, and I don’t believe that you have to finish one book before you start another. I like to write, too. I keep journals, and I write stories, stories, stories. Sometimes I illustrate them.
Like, d’awwww, her Mal-voice is really charming, and I’m impressed by how the writer has me solidly on her side even though we know the older girls more.

-I so lived vicariously through Mal and Jessi and all their “discovering my best friend” feelings, and I was especially in love with their back-and-forth book-trading:

Jessi stood in front of my shelf. “Horse stories,” she murmured. “Fantasy, mystery. I see lots of books I’d like to borrow. You and I could switch back and forth forever. It would be like having our own library.”

Yeah, that was totally my idea of heaven! Still is!

-You know, it always bothered me how the later narration was like: “But the people who used to be jerks are now discovering how nice Jessi’s family is!”

-Charlotte coming over and bring food and becoming insta-friends with Becca, AWWWW. And she gets extra points because coming over to Stacey’s old house must be hard for her.

- So you can just stop lecturing me about food. If I ate health food, I’d probably turn into a rabbit like you. A skinny, pale rabbit. I’d – ” - this makes me laugh; sorry Dawn. XD I think this is the first time someone’s snapped at her for getting sniffy about junk food.

-“Really,” replied Kristy. “We’ll be like the Three Musketeers. One for all and all for one. Only we’ll be the Six Musketeers.” Love this! As well as her saying she’d refuse to sit for a racist family (which as we know, does happen later). Kristy can get carried away, but when she’s on, she is ON.

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