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- "With love to Peanut Butter from Jelly."
Awww :D

- Maaan middle school gossip. "Howie asked Dorianne to go to the library with him!!" = DRAMAAAA.

- Omg, Stacey assuming her mom is pregnant. And her dad being all "I wish that were the truth" :(

- Ohhh, Stacey running back to the Kishis and all of them greeting her at the door :( :( And Mimi comforting her :( And they offer her tea! Omg the Kish family are so sweet here.

- Omg my heart is breaking for Claudia :( She's doubled up and sobbing because Stacey is her only best friend.

- Ooh the Schafers have a giant fireplace in their kitchen :D

- Jeff, you probs can't get too pissy at someone for "reading their mail" when you leave drafts crumpled up all over the floor, bro.

- Mary Anne let me in and we ran up to her room. I was greeted by the sight of Kristy and Claudia, both wearing visors and blowing pink bubbles, and Dawn over in a corner, standing on her head. Her hair had fallen in a blonde pool around her head, and her face was turning red. At the sight of me, Kristy and Claudia popped their bubbles and Dawn dropped to the floor.
lmao I love these girls

- The voice said, “Ve vill have courgettes for deener.” Then, slam!
“That just sounds like a regular old French accent,” I said, but nobody heard me. The kids were in a panic.
“Courgettes? What are courgettes?” shrieked the Pikes.
“Children?” suggested Nicky, with terror in his eyes.


- "Watson's ex-wife got into a jam."
Damn, Lisa, maybe call Seth for stuff now and then, instead of Watson all the time.

- Ugh I long fo a book I can get through without having to deal with a Karen chapter.

- I'm not convinced Mrs Porter wasn't trolling the shit out of those kids.

- Aw, Stacey giving Charlotte the book. I'M NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING.

- Ugh Mrs Barrett, what a jerk move to dump a yard sale on Dawn like that.

- I love how excited Kristy is for the yard sale. I think she's said a couple of times that she loves selling things. GO KRISTY.

- Howie wanted to buy a turquoise ring (that used to be mine) to give to Dori.
Jesus, Howie. C'mon.

- I got distracted by a man smoking a cigar who wanted to know how much we were selling our car for.
I desperately want fic/backstory for this guy. WHAT A SHADY CHARACTER.

- The party is SO CUTE.

- “Stacey McGill,” she began, and then paused. “I want this to be official,” she said thoughtfully. “Is Stacey your real name?”
“No, it’s a fake one,” I replied.

lmao this is amazing. As is Mary Anne wailing in the background.

- At last I looked at Charlotte’s card again. I WISH YOU WERE MY SISTER. Oh, Charlotte, I thought. I wish I were, too. Then we wouldn’t have had to say good-bye. We could stay together, because sisters do.

- Dori had returned the ring, so Howie was now stuck with something of mine!
lmao I love how randomly gleeful this is omg

- Oh, Stacey. I'm so so so glad I know she comes back. I think if I'd read this when it first came out I would have been DEVASTATED.

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