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-Ah it’s kind of clear at the start that Stacey also misses NY badly.

-If we hadn’t been sitting smack in the center of the Stoneybrook Middle School cafeteria, I’m sure all five of us would have started wailing away -my heart. Though I have to giggle at all of them ignoring Mary Anne’s wailing later.

-I’d completely forgotten Mary Anne’s talk with Jeff! It’s nice that he gets to have it with his future step-sister.

-If you and your friends will organize and run the entire sale, you can keep whatever money you make. Ok so Maureen is being ‘careless’ with money here, and we’ll see the repercussions. There are so many clues to the McGill’s upcoming divorce – there’s also the talks of their inability to have another kid. :/

-The triplets are curly? That’s news to me.

-We weren’t angry; we just had all these “last things” to say to each other but didn’t know how to say them, which was maybe the saddest thing of all about my moving. – There you go again breaking my heart!

-LMAO. After this lemonade incident, I like to think Mrs. Porter knows about Karen’s dumb stories and is just messing with her head. SOMEone needs to teach that kid a lesson anyways.

-“See that? He’s sick,” Karen whispered urgently.

“No, I’m not,” Andrew replied indignantly. “I just have to go. Now.”


-The book dedication to Charlotte! Sniff. It looks like Becca came for her just in the nick of time.

-Idk why I find Dawn taking care of spider plants so fascinating but I do. You’d think she’d have more of a green thumb.

-ahahaha the first mention of Anastasia!

-Dawn can’t add, LOL. C’mon Claud, you of all people should go easy on her for something like that.

-EVERYTHING IS SAD. I hate reading about goodbyes dangit. I too am glad to read this knowing she comes back! Real-time BSC fans would have had to go a year with Stacey gone, and ouch.

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