Someone wrote in [community profile] stoneybrook 2016-08-08 11:02 pm (UTC)

Poor Stacey being torn over moving back to New York. I've never read it in order like this and I am so used to her being totally ex-friends with Laine. I'm actually looking forward to seeing more of their friendship when it was good.

I love Mimi hugging Stacey. And that all the Kishis come to the door. And Claud being even more heartbroken than Stacey. :(

It's kind of interesting how Kristy predicts that Stacey's parents are getting divorced. I know Kristy is the Divorced Kid, but I do wonder if she's picking up on something Stacey isn't. The tensions between the McGills have always been there, with her diabetes and their inability to have another child. It was clear to me in The Truth About Stacey that the eventual divorce isn't a surprise.

Dawn seems pretty fatalistic about Jeff leaving. I imagine she's getting fed up with him, especially after the incident where she had to pick him up from school with some sitting charges in tow.

“That just sounds like a regular old French accent,” I said, but nobody heard me. - That's because you're not there, Stacey! Guessing that should have been a line for Claud or Mal.

BTW, do we ever hear from the Pikes' French neighbors again? Isn't this supposed to be the house Stacey and Maureen live in when they move back to Stoneybrook?

I love Mrs. Porter trolling the kids with witch stuff. There's no way that's not what she's doing.

Oh, Charlotte! What a time for Stacey to leave when she's doing so well. At least she'll have Becca soon.

I love the suggestion that Kristy's business acumen is taking after her mother!

Oh, the party! I love the mural.

Is this the first time we get Anastasia? And Dawn's middle name!

I love that they decide to ask Mal to join before Stacey leaves. I like that she gets to stick up for her and ask her!

Oh, the good-bye. Poor everybody. :( I love how much Kristy there is in this. I never think of Kristy as someone who would particularly miss Stacey but she seems more upset than anybody but Claudia (and MA, obviously, but MA really just cries; Kristy seems to value Stacey as a member which I like).

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