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- "Eyesight" or "flysight" - LOL. Claudia ♥

- I love Claudia's instant fascination with Ashley, from the way she looks to the "she could potentially be related to this famous artist!" thing.

- Yup, the "chapter two" thing is becoming firmly cemented.

- Oh, the little moment with Mimi and Claud is adorable. I would love to hear more about Mimi's past. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT with Grandpa Kishi ♥

- I definitely wouldn't get along with Ashley IRL. I already feel anxious for Claudia because she's so earnest and art is precious to her but in a happy and lighthearted sort of way. Ashley takes it so seriously all of the fun is immediately sucked away.

- RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT. I never knew anyone who played this when we were kids but I was so fascinated by it and so I introduced it to my brother and sister. We used to play it a lot and it was all due to the BSC :D

- Ugh Ashley D: So far in every scene she's managed to make Claudia feel vaguely uncomfortable.

- Aww, Claud talking about how the Club has become closer and now they're all BFFs ♥

- Oh, Claudia being anxious about having to choose between Ashley and her friends - and it's so early in the book! D: Ashley makes me so uncomfortable, idk. I think it'd be interesting to see what she's like in five to ten years - has she mellowed, or is she still a loner? Or worse, is she friends with someone but really manipulative and passive aggressive/abusive?

- Aw I love the description of Mrs Perkins as "A nice mommy" :D

- UGGGH Ashley using guilt to make Claudia miss another meeting. "I'm your friend too!"

- Aw, Stacey crying because she thinks Claudia doesn't like her anymore. And Mary Anne crying in sympathy! (This readthrough has given me SO MANY Stacey/Mary Anne shippy feels, idk.)

- Ashley, what the fuck with all this fire hydrant stuff. Seriously.

- Let me tell you, I didn’t feel good about missing club meetings and spending so little time with my friends. But I felt great having a mentor who liked my work so much and thought I was smart and kept telling me how much artistic potential I had. When you’re a C-student who has to go to the Resource Room, “potential” is a word you don’t hear a lot, unless someone, usually a teacher or guidance counselor or one of your parents, says, “It’s really a shame. I don’t see why her grades aren’t better. She does have potential. …”
Man this has all the hallmarks of a really abusive relationship D: I would really love to see what fanfiction could make of it with the girls aged up a bit. With lots of claudia/Stacey endgame comfort after all the hurt/angst, of course.

- All the stuff the girls do in Claudia's room is so mean D: They're hurt and angry, but still :( :( I think what upsets me most is Claudia is really uncomfortable with how everything is - she's not doing it to be irresponsible or mean, she just wants to feel worthy of someone who has offered her a bit of praise. Claud must feel she doesn't get praise very often.

- "Maybe Claudia is a project for Ashley." Oh, MA hit the nail on the head :(

- Omg I was so happy when Claud stood up to Ashley, and then Ashley whips this crap out:
“You mean, you’re not giving anything up just for me. Because I’m not important enough to you. That’s what you’re saying, isn’t it? Well, I’ll tell you something, Claudia Kishi. You are ungrateful. And foolish. And you don’t know a thing about being a friend.”

- Mary Anne gathered up her courage to ask me an important question. I can always tell when she’s doing that. Gathering her courage, I mean. She starts to fidget, then she starts breathing heavily, then she’s silent for a few moments, and finally she clears her throat. “Ahem.”
AW :D I love these little behavioural things.

- Ashley what the FUCK D: She comes over to the Rodowsky's for the pure reason of being a jerk. Poor Jackie.

- God, poor Claudia :( Ashley isn't interested in her apology or explanation, and claud realises that she's not really a friend, but it still hurts. :( :(

- Jackie nodded. “You know what, Claudia?”
“I love you.”


- The little numbered poem thing is adorable :D

- Aw, Mary Anne brings her Dad to Claudia's art show :D

- I'm annoyed that Ashley won first prize with her stupid fire hydrant.

- I thought this read-through might make me more sympathetic towards "the new girl" Ashley, but wow. Nope. What a jerk.

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