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Read Through: BSC #11 - Kristy and the Snobs

Kristy and the Snobs


Welcome to the discussion post for Kristy and the Snobs! This post doesn't have an expiry date on it, so just comment whenever you're ready.

What was your favourite part? What was your least favourite part? Any memorable quotes you'd like to share? What had you forgotten about since the last time this book was read? If someone wrote a fic set during the timeline of this fic, what should they write?

There are no mandatory questions or points of discussion for this - anything you want to talk about in relation to this week's book, go ahead!

Next week's book is BSC #12 - Claudia and the New Girl

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So Watson does cook! I love the way the Thomas-Brewer family is presented as functioning in this book. It's the first Kristy book since the wedding/move, so it's the first time we really see them. Watson is awesome with Louie. And I love how Kristy has really come around to him—she only has one comment about him ("Leave it to Watson to say a word like 'holler.'")

I love the kitchen description and just the consistent, general way Watson's house (and later, the Papadakises') are described as down-to-earth and homey despite being mansions. I also love how this book has an evolution of Kristy calling it Watson's house to calling it her house. (And of course, this is the book where we meet the infamous fish fountain and $400 cat.)

Director's chair + visor + pencil - I think we have achieved classic Kristy. I love how the classic BSC stuff is beginning to click into place.

I ADORE David Michael and Louie's relationship. He's so good with him and I love the little details about when DM was a baby. They all love Louie but he's really David Michael's and that's special.

Seriously, Shannon? SERIOUSLY? I'm glad she got in trouble with Mrs. P. And would a diaper delivery service really send someone out on a thirteen-year-old's request? I don't think I read this book when I was a kid and whenever it was referenced that Shannon and Kristy originally met with a prank war, I remember being surprised by that because it seemed so OOC for Shannon who struck me as one of the more mature members, even more than Stacey.

I love David Michael and Amanda - "Boys are not supposed to be pretty." I don't think anyone really likes Amanda much, though Max is more tolerable.

Kristy turning away so David Michael won't see her cry. :(

Stacey and the Snobs! I 100% forgot about this job, even though Snail has always stayed with me. Stacey is so clever and practical. I'm definitely noticed that on this re-read. She solves a lot of baby-sitting problems like this one. I'm also dying to know what magazine Stacey got that article out of. Are you reading Cosmo, Stace?

Poor Jeff. Also, I don't remember Sharon seeing the Trip Man for this long, nor I remember how Sharon and Richard start seeing each other again.

Oh, Louie. I'm crying. Everything. Elizabeth crying. David Michael sleeping on the floor. Or maybe he was able to see the good that we were doing Louie easier than the rest of us were. And it just keeps getting worse. The last trip to the vet, Watson letting just the Thomases go in, Kristy and DM saying good-bye in the waiting room. Louie's funeral.

Oh my god, Amanda. Shut up about how much the damn cat cost.

David Michael meeting Shannon <3

I love how the girls actually want Shannon in the club! I do think it's funny that homework is one of the things she cites about how she couldn't be in the club, like the others don't have homework.

(Anonymous) 2016-07-11 12:35 am (UTC)(link)
So Charlie is driving Elizabeth's station wagon. No Junk Bucket yet. So how does he get Kristy to meetings when Elizabeth is at work? Surely she takes her own car to work? :/

Holy crap, I didn't notice this! What a plothole. It's especially obvious in the part where they're taking Louie to the vet for the daily shots.

(Anonymous) 2016-07-11 12:42 am (UTC)(link)
Er, me again, because I don't think before hitting Post

I thought Jamie walking home alone was weird, too! I mean, I'm sure Bradford Court is a low-traffic street, especially during the day, and it's possible that the Newtons are catty-corner to the Perkinses. (I don't know how accurate my mental picture is, but I imagine that the Perkins are across from the Kishis, and that the Newtons are next-door but one to the Kishis - I don't know if the Goldmans are in between or if they're on the other side.) It's possible, especially if Mrs. Newton was outside, but it's very weird that Mary Anne just lets him leave.
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(c) a cook named Agnes (d) all of the above. The answer is (d) all of the above.

There should be fic about one cook named Agnes who cooks for all these families! :P
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I think I already talked about this in a previous post, but how many private schools does Stoneybrook need???
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I don't think anyone really likes Amanda much, though Max is more tolerable.

I like how the books include that the Papadakis kids and the Delaney kids hate each other. It seems realistic! As a general rule, the charges all seem to get along in a great big easygoing group (except a general wariness around Jenny Prezzioso, but even that's different to "kid A and kid B consistently don't get along"), which is nice, but no rivalries? None? And it was consistent across spinoffs too -- Karen being friends with both Amanda and Hannie sometimes caused problems in LS books.

(Anonymous) 2016-07-16 12:59 am (UTC)(link)
IKR? This is one of the things that drives me nuts about the size of Stoneybrook. There's apparently 1 high school and 2 middle schools, and by the math of my area, that means 3-4 elementary schools. That definitely doesn't strike me as rating 2 co-ed secular private schools. The only thing I can think of is that they don't both cover all grades. Could SDS be K-8? Or could Stoneybrook Academy be K-5/6/8? I can't remember if any of those schools have older students mentioned; I only remember that SDS must be at least K-8 because both the Kilbournes and the Delaneys attend, but if one is K-12 and the other isn't, that could explain it.
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I think one of Shannon's POV books talks about SDS being K-12. And, it's ridiculous that I know this, but one of the early LS books mentions an eighth grader coming to take a photo for the school paper, so I guess SA is at least elementary and middle school. Maybe the Stoneybrook private schools also attract students who aren't actually Stoneybrook residents?

I guess I head canon that there's a Kelsey Elementary School but none of the characters go to it -- all the younger kids in that zone known to the BSC characters are at SDS or SA.
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-Maybe he somehow sensed that David Michael was the only one of us Thomas kids who got cheated out of a father, since Mom and Dad got separated not long after David Michael was born. Right from the start, I’m already NOPE-ing. This and Yew-wee and ‘Louie Thomas’? NOT FAIR.

-lately, he’s been taking turns sleeping with all of us Oh…Louie’s saying goodbye. No, really, though, dogs do this. I’ve interned at animal clinics and there’ve been many accounts of dying dogs roaming the house and spending extra time with their families because they somehow know.

-Watson is so sweet, both with saying Kristy looks lovely the way she is AND saying he’d also be up for getting her new clothes if she wants.

-All the shit Shannon pulls later is just…yikes. Granted, Kristy did not start off on the right foot, but still. I forgot just how low she stooped before making friends with Kristy – like ?? above said, I’m used to her being one of the mature members.

-I don’t remember Tiffany ever babysitting. You know what was always a little strange to me? That many of the later books treat Tiffany like a regular sitting charge, but don’t note that she’s eleven – the exact same age as Mallory and Jessi who are IN the BSC.

-Charlie must have guessed how I was feeling because when David Michael said, “I’ll come with you!” Charlie said, “Why don’t you come with me instead, kiddo Oh, this is lovely. Charlie having a sixth sense about what each of his siblings need. Ugh, poor poor David Michael. As the book goes on, all the older kids are clearly subconsciously bracing themselves for what’s coming –but he is not prepared at all.

-Ugh, the Delaneys are SUCH little asswipes– hell, even the Guide to the BSC lists them as mean, nasty, spoiled, bossy. Max is sliiightly more tolerable (the ‘Hysle cat’ bit was cute, I gotta say) but Amanda...let’s just say I can see why Amanda and Karen get along. :p

-I like how the contrast with the Papadakises is brought up – it always surprised me that Linny and Hannie were so nice, even though they grew up in that neighborhood.

-“How are they awful?”
“Well, there are two of them,” said Linny.

LOL. Not only are they awful, there are TWO of them!

-“You almost made me laugh. And I almost called Mrs. Delaney ‘Mrs. Snob’!” hahahaha. Stacey sitting for the Snobs = BEST. I just love how she (and later, Shannon) just barrels in and takes zero shit from them.

-“After all,” said my brother, “when I’m sick, Mom brings me my meals on a tray, so I’m kind of doing the same thing for Louie.” I’M SO SAD.

-UGH my heart just breaks and breaks over the family uncomplainingly sacrificing more and more and more things for Louie. Edie getting late to her job and Watson skipping his lunch hour for Louie… EVERYTHING IS SAD.

-…but also they should STOP allowing Karen to scare Andrew shitless, dammit.
Just as Louie had often joined one of us in bed, to keep us company, David Michael kept Louie company during his last night with us. I CAN’T. And then Elizabeth stays up with him, I just. *sniff*
-I love the funeral scene and how everybody got to say something. Louie was even nice to Boo-Boo, d’awww.

-Puppy Shannon! Very nice olive branch, human Shannon. It’s also good of Kristy to clear up with David Michael that Shannon will be a different dog with a different personality and not a replacement.

-“You mean any e-x-o-r-c-i-s-e?” spelled Mary Anne, but Karen wasn’t old enough to get the joke. I am so, so sorry, but my first thought at this was, “Yes, Mary Anne, Karen does need to be exorcised.”

-“Yes. Andrew is the football.” CUTE. It must be so fun for Andrew to have 3 insta-brothers who will roughhouse with him a little.

-Yay, new associate! I really wish we’d gotten more Shannon-POV stories because her one book had some fascinating family stuff. She was even a regular for a while when Dawn and Mallory were unavailable, with her name on the book cover officer listing and everything.
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[identity profile] redsilverchains.livejournal.com 2016-07-19 03:26 am (UTC)(link)
I adore the mental image of Watson and Elizabeth cooking while Charlie and Sam take care of the table. <3

Y'know, I just realized that Kristy and the Sister War might've also been a shout-out to how she and Shannon met by prank war. Though, it was a much-later book so who knows.
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[identity profile] redsilverchains.livejournal.com 2016-07-19 03:27 am (UTC)(link)

- Hey I think this is officially the first "Chapter Two" - and I know you all know what I mean by that.
Hahaha! I thought "Likes and dislikes? Kristy, is this an autograph book?"

-Seriously, sometimes I’m just like TEACH KAREN MANNERS, PLEASE.

-The part where David Michael spends one last night with Louie is entirely too realistic. </3 -the Jamie thing is especially off after they made such a big deal out of him being left on the street in The Truth About Stacey.