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- So Charlie is driving Elizabeth's station wagon. No Junk Bucket yet. So how does he get Kristy to meetings when Elizabeth is at work? Surely she takes her own car to work? :/

- “But,” Watson went on, “if you ever do want a few, um, new clothes, all you have to do is holler.”
Oh, Watson ♥

- Kitchen description! YES I LOVE THIS STUFF.

- Hey I think this is officially the first "Chapter Two" - and I know you all know what I mean by that.

- Louie was well-behaved. He lay on the floor with his head resting pitifully on Charlie’s shoe and whined so softly you could hardly hear him.
Cue the sound of my heart breaking :(

- Jeez Shannon, you really are a jerk. Who even uses their middle name in an introduction?

- George Papadakis - another parent first name! *fist pump*

- Ugh Shannon you JERK D: The false fire alarm is a really shitty thing to do.

- .... Did Jamie Newton just walk home by himself after that little argument at the Perkins'? WTF happened there?

- Oh, I love the scene in the Thomas-Brewer household where Watson has started dinner when Charlie and Kristy get home, and Sam is helping David Michael with his math homework! FEELS ♥

- Aw, Shannon and Kristy finally calling a tentative truce over the pizza. And Shannon just raising an eyebrow at Max when he was being a brat!

- So, I had to get my little dog put down five weeks ago, and it devastated me. And this whole storyline with Louie is making me cry. And I think that's mostly the reason why I'm so infuriated that Karen comes shrieking in about Morbidda Destiny and all that sort of crap right when Charlie and Kristy are talking about how the injections aren't helping. SHUT UP KAREN, YOU OBNOXIOUS BRAT

- ugh and then I burst into tears during that family meeting where they decide to have him put down, and David Michael says he'll spend the night with Louie.
i knew I had to get my dog put down and during his last night I just stayed up and cradled him all night, watching him slip away. By the time I got him to the vet when it opened in the morning, he was nearly gone.
Ugh I should have skipped this book, damn it.

- I'm finding Karen particularly unbearable in this book

- I know the puppy thing was a nice way for Shannon and Kristy to make up, but I still wish it had been in the next book :( IT FEELS TOO SOON TO REPLACE LOUIE.

- At that moment, Charlie charged into my room with Andrew in his arms and threw him on the bed. “Touchdown!” he shouted.
Andrew squealed and giggled. He sounded a little too wild, which was unlike him. “Do a cannonball!” he shrieked. He tucked himself into a ball and Charlie picked him up again and ran him down the hall chanting, “Ba-boom-ba-boom-ba-boom-ba-boom.” We heard a soft thud as my brother tossed him onto another bed.

And I really needed it after that book because I am now a blotchy mess after crying so hard.

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