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So Watson does cook! I love the way the Thomas-Brewer family is presented as functioning in this book. It's the first Kristy book since the wedding/move, so it's the first time we really see them. Watson is awesome with Louie. And I love how Kristy has really come around to him—she only has one comment about him ("Leave it to Watson to say a word like 'holler.'")

I love the kitchen description and just the consistent, general way Watson's house (and later, the Papadakises') are described as down-to-earth and homey despite being mansions. I also love how this book has an evolution of Kristy calling it Watson's house to calling it her house. (And of course, this is the book where we meet the infamous fish fountain and $400 cat.)

Director's chair + visor + pencil - I think we have achieved classic Kristy. I love how the classic BSC stuff is beginning to click into place.

I ADORE David Michael and Louie's relationship. He's so good with him and I love the little details about when DM was a baby. They all love Louie but he's really David Michael's and that's special.

Seriously, Shannon? SERIOUSLY? I'm glad she got in trouble with Mrs. P. And would a diaper delivery service really send someone out on a thirteen-year-old's request? I don't think I read this book when I was a kid and whenever it was referenced that Shannon and Kristy originally met with a prank war, I remember being surprised by that because it seemed so OOC for Shannon who struck me as one of the more mature members, even more than Stacey.

I love David Michael and Amanda - "Boys are not supposed to be pretty." I don't think anyone really likes Amanda much, though Max is more tolerable.

Kristy turning away so David Michael won't see her cry. :(

Stacey and the Snobs! I 100% forgot about this job, even though Snail has always stayed with me. Stacey is so clever and practical. I'm definitely noticed that on this re-read. She solves a lot of baby-sitting problems like this one. I'm also dying to know what magazine Stacey got that article out of. Are you reading Cosmo, Stace?

Poor Jeff. Also, I don't remember Sharon seeing the Trip Man for this long, nor I remember how Sharon and Richard start seeing each other again.

Oh, Louie. I'm crying. Everything. Elizabeth crying. David Michael sleeping on the floor. Or maybe he was able to see the good that we were doing Louie easier than the rest of us were. And it just keeps getting worse. The last trip to the vet, Watson letting just the Thomases go in, Kristy and DM saying good-bye in the waiting room. Louie's funeral.

Oh my god, Amanda. Shut up about how much the damn cat cost.

David Michael meeting Shannon <3

I love how the girls actually want Shannon in the club! I do think it's funny that homework is one of the things she cites about how she couldn't be in the club, like the others don't have homework.

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