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- Ordinarily, we’re really into health food, but Jeff goes sort of crazy over chocolate cake.
Omg I love little character facts like this. Does this ever come up again?

- I've always thought Dawn can be pretty cynical but 'Disneyland Daddy' still kind of took my breath away for a moment.

- I love that we get a little summary of Stacey and Mary Anne's Sea City babysitting adventures.

- I still don't know how I'm supposed to pronounce Myriah. In my head I alternate between Myra and Mariah.

- Yesss, hunting for a secret passage on a rainy day! I *love* this sort of stuff haha.

- Stacey let out a little gasp. Then she giggled. “We’re creeping ourselves out, you know. This is just a silly storm.”
“I know,” said Mary Anne, “but it’s fun to creep ourselves out. We should take advantage of this super-creepy weather.”

Agreed, Mary Anne. 100%.

- lmao, Stacey and Mary Anne scaring the others ♥

- Aw, Mary Anne feeling sad at the Perkins' house. :(

- Dawn getting panicky over not being able to find Nicky :( I like this little continuity nod after what happened to Buddy.

- Kristy paused. Karen’s stories are notorious. She never means to frighten anyone or to cause any trouble, but she always manages to.
SHE DOES MEAN IT. SHE TOTALLY MEANS IT. Ugggh I'm so sick of the constant excuses for Karen's shitty behaviour.

- Okay but all the kids piled into Kristy's bed is absolutely adorable.

- Man, look at Sharon dating half of Stoneybrook! Live it up, girl.

- “Um, Jeff,” I managed to say, “I don’t want to scare you, but this passage is haunted – by an angry ghost. The ghost of someone who was locked up here to die a long time ago.”
“Oh, for cripe’s sakes,” said Jeff. He gave me a really disgusted look. “You have got to be kidding.”

lmao, I'm with you, Jeff.

- “Mr. Gwynne’s name is Trip,” was all I could answer. “Trip. Can you believe it?”
Jeff laughed. “Oh, yeah. Man, that is so cool,” he said sarcastically.
“I bet he wears pink socks and alligator shirts and his friends call him, like, the Trip-Man or something.”
“I bet he plays golf,” said Jeff, with a snort of laughter.
“I bet his idea of an amusing afternoon is balancing his checkbook. And,” I added, “I bet he has real short hair, wears wire-rim glasses, and has gray eyes, but wears contacts to make them look blue.”

lmao, all of this is amazing ♥

- Omg I *love* the Jared Mullray stuff. I want fic about it. I want Ye Olde Stoneybrooke fic.

- The image of Mr. Newton teaching Jamie silly little songs has melted my stone cold heart. ♥

- James Anderson Newton. Aw! I love middle names! Minor character facts are my jam. I'm surprised his middle name isn't Roger, though!

- Omg Mary Anne's first glimpse of Cam Geary. IT STARTS.

- Lmao Mary Anne just squeezing past Dawn in the secret passage and then trying to lock her in, omg.

- BSC slumber party! :D

- All their plans for the last few days of summer, omg. I've said it before but I *love* how close these girls are ♥

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