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Ugggh I'm so behind. Time to catch up! My thinky thoughts, jotted down as I read:

- And for the first time since the club began almost a year ago, at the beginning of seventh grade, we baby-sitters were going to be scattered, split up.
Oh my gosh, a whole year in only 8 books!

- Stacey's outfit - the giant pink shirt with the tropical birds all over it! I love outfit descriptions. I also think it's really cute that she's telling us how sophisticated she is while she's freaking out about going to Kristy's house in the rich neighbourhood.

- If I’m not careful, my blood sugar level goes all kerflooey and I can get really sick.
'Kerflooey' :'D Oh Stace, you're SO sophisticated ♥

- My father was gardening in one of the flower beds. It’s his favorite early evening activity in the summer.
This does not fit my image of Ed McGill *AT ALL*

- I think it was the sight of Kristy that brought us back to reality. She was sprawled outside the elegant front door of Watson’s house, eating a Popsicle, reading People magazine, and wearing cutoff jeans and a holey white T-shirt that said I ♥ MY followed by a silhouette of a collie. Her feet were bare.
Omg Kristy. NEVER CHANGE ♥

- The girls all being so devastated about their two-week separation is adorable and is giving me all the feelings ♥

- Claire 'just' turned five and Margo 'just' turned seven - summer birthdays? I will take this in lieu of anything more concrete. I have this weird fascination with character birthdays.

- There's still a lot of pressure on Stacey here to reassure her parents she'll be fine :( I love Stacey so much, I don't think I'd handle all of this fretting half as well as she does.

- Awwwwwwwww Richard cries when he says goodbye to Mary Anne! My HEART ♥

- Lmao aw, Mr Pike yelling at Nicky about all his Jingle Bells songs.

- I love their arrival at the house. Byron complimenting Vanessa on her poem and Stacey sneaking glances at Mary Anne to confirm she's already totally in love with the 'gingerbready' house.

- Claire and Margo climbing into bed with Stacey and Mary Anne ♥

- And Mr. Pike double checking with Stacey what she can eat for breakfast. Aww.

- Mary Anne being shy in front of Stacey in her bikini! Ugh I ship these two, I can't help it.

- Oh god I'm so embarrassed for Stacey D: HE'S TOO OLD FOR YOU AND HE'S A JERK, STACE

- Vanessa's rhyming is getting really old D:

- Aww the Pike kids delivering stuff to Mary Anne to help with her sunburn ♥

- uggh taking advantage of Stacey's obviously crush, UGH SCOTT YOU JERK. And Stacey, you're being a jerk to Mary Anne. Snap out of it.

- And then I feel sorry for her when all her hopes and dreams come crashing down :(

- The scene with Stacey and Byron is adorable. I don't remember it at all! It also fills in more visuals of Sea City ♥

- God I just want ALL the Sea City fic about what Mr and Mrs Pike get up to when the kids aren't around. They went to the boardwalk - did they go on all the rides? :D

- Lmao at how quickly Stacey rebounds

- Omg Mary Anne marching over to Alex in her caftan and baseball cap to ask him out ♥ ♥ ♥

- Stacey's already had a couple of boyfriends but nobody has kissed her yet?! Come ON, you Connecticut boys, you've let the side down.

- At breakfast that morning, Mr. Pike finished his eggs, wiped his mouth, and said, “Hey, hey, everybody! Guess what it’s time for?”
“What, Daggles-silly-billy-goo-goo?” asked Claire, bouncing around in her chair.
“The … chore-hat!”

lmao ♥

- Lots of foreshadowing here for Mary Anne getting a proper boyfriend. I kind of wish we had more info on her and Alex because they seemed pretty cute together.

- This book was so cute! I'm kind of glad we just stayed in Sea City. We strayed to Kristy's house in one chapter, but that was it! This really feels like a "vacation" book because we stayed on vacation with the girls. The later books are a bit choppier and jump back to Stoneybrook more frequently.

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