Someone wrote in [community profile] stoneybrook 2016-06-19 05:29 am (UTC)

It is so interesting to me to read these books as an adult because I always found the romance/teen focused plots boring. I was 100% in it for the baby-sitting and kid antics! Poor Stacey. Her crush on Scott is so tough to read about but I love Mary Anne being supportive even though Stacey had been a jerk the whole time. I love that they get to know each other through this and become Sea City buddies. :D

I also like how well developed the Pikes are. They're probably the most fleshed out and frequently appearing clients so far and I know that's because of the smal pool they have to draw from yet but I do love them. Mr. and Mrs. Pike have all this down to a T and I love how their family operates. And I love Mal getting to shine here. I find myself looking forward to her and Jessi joining!

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