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/calms self

But, I swear, Sea City is partly responsible for my childhood love of media set along the sea shore. I had a quaint beach town kink. A treasure-hunting-along-the-coast kink. An EVACUATING FROM A HURRICANE KINK, ffs. Thanks a lot, BSC!
And I lovelove how the Pikes’ organized chaos are so intrinsically linked to Sea City! That’s part of what made the Sea City books magical, imo.

OK. Notes…

-Stacey wants double-pierced ears! Doesn’t Dawn later get them?

- I wonder what Edward does with his gardening hobby when he is in NYC. I suppose there are also green spaces there (on the apartment rooftops? Central Park? idk) , but growing plants in a small town backyard is very different from growing them in an apartment.

-it’s so cute that they’re all so nervous about going to The Mansion until they see Kristy Kristy-ing it up and that re-orients them. :D And omg, all of them crying later! Calm down, girls, it’s only two weeks!

-Well, it is no wonder Richard cries so much here. The last time Mary Anne left his side, he had to fight tooth and nail to get her back again. "Hey, that was a good one," said Byron appreciatively. He’s such a sweetie, giving Vanessa a compliment despite her driving everybody nuts. I have to laugh later, when none of the others want to sit with her at Gurber Garden. XD And when Nicky makes her promise not to rhyme throughout the dinner – I bet all they go through those deals with Vanessa at least once a week.

-it has to be said: Claire’s cute silliness drives Stacey 'crazy', but Karen is 'just creative'? And they sure are quick to scold Claire for yelling at some kid, but then they let Karen get away with all kinds of shit because creativity. Come on, AMM. Let Karen apologize and get time-outs for her crap too.

-I love how Stace and Mary Anne quickly adapted Mr. and Mrs. Pike’s loose leash approach to parenting. They know they’re taking care of a family where each kid is trusted to do their own thing, and they just take the Pikes’ lead every time they go exploring. It’s really smart.

-Claire and Margo curling up next to Mary Anne and Stacey! <3 It’s so cute how they’re just like "mmmm, we’re too sleepy, crawl into bed with us and we’ll go out later…"

-seems a bit weird that none of the kids (except Mal later, obviously) are told about Stacey’s diabetes.

-Mary Anne’s trademark embarrassing caftan makes its first appearance! OMG, when the Pikes crowd her in the bed and give her sunburn remedies! <3 <3

-Stacey’s big honking crush on Scott gives me so much secondhand embarrassment now that I’m older! She’s so familiarly thirteen about it too, gosh. And Scott, dude, I am side-eyeing you for knowing that all these underage girls have crushes on, but then flirting with them and making them run errands all day. Tsk.

-Mary Anne is right to be ticked at Stacey and scold her for slacking the days away, though. It’s pretty cute that she dreaded school dances and the opposite sex before this, yet she bonds easily with Alex over taking care of all these kids. : )

-Don’t worry, Mary Anne, I totally would have loved to go to Smithtown too! I love old places.

- Adam had just scored an embarrassing ten on the clown hole. Nevertheless, he punched Nicky affectionately on the shoulder. “Good going, little bro,” he said.
Nicky beamed.

Nice one, Adam. Poor Nicky, his need for validation from the triplets is running strong here.

-On the Stoneybrook side of things, I really like the detail of Charlie and Sam going back to the old neighborhood. Oh, and your car being stripped by your kids = NIGHTMARE. Watson makes a pretty nice compromise – it was your fault but I wanted to have it painted anyway

-sigh, and there’s the inevitable heartbreak. “I thought he liked me but he’s liked someone else all along!” is really the most gut-punching worst when you’re a teen.

-Mary Anne is so understanding about it too (awwww at how she leaves the chocolates behind with no second thought), though she is back to exercising tough love the next day…

-please tell me there’s Jeff/Byron fic that shamelessly milks Byron’s fear of the ocean and Jeff’s love of it. ; )

-Toby and his witches’ castles! I remember that! I even tried making them whenever we went to the beach, but only succeeded in squelching sand between my fingers, lol. The dates and presents and Tunnel of Luv are so puppy love cute, and awww her first kiss. Toby seemed so dreamy when I was ten!

(but, Scott is a ‘first real love’?? Even SAM is a better candidate for that than than Scott – at least there, the feeling was mutual!)

-I love how in the vacation books, there’s always at least one postcard/letter that goes "I’m going to beat this card to Stoneybrook."

- "Mary Anne?" "Yeah?" "I’m really glad we got to know each other better."
<3 <3 <3
Stacey learned that even 'sweet' Mary Anne isn’t afraid to call you out on your mistakes. And Mary Anne learned that even ‘mature’ Stacey can and will get carried away when it comes to matters of the heart.

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