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-I felt so bad for Janine! She is so right: they don’t even LET her be involved in family stuff, whether it’s doing chores or joining in on the bonding sessions like tea with Mimi. They’re just content to let her be in her own little box as the genius. What makes me sad is that she seems to be walking on eggshells with her own family, careful only to do the things that they want.

Agreed. It's like they put her in this little box and don't let her step outside of it. Even though Claudia gets a lot of nagging from her parents about her grades, in some ways she's a lot more free than Janine. She has her art and babysitting and dresses all wild and crazy and has interests other than school. I mean, heck, Janine feels like she has to hide the fact that she has a boyfriend later on, and she's a much more reasonable age for going out on dates than Claudia is! The prequel makes me kind of sad because it's clear Janine sometimes wants to be more than fitting into the Certified Genius box. But that's how she earns outward expressions of her family's love and pride. It's got to be hard to feel like you have to keep it up at 100% all the time or lose that.

I would love to read fic about Janine going away to college and completely letting loose and going wild because even though the pressure to get good grades and Be Smart and Succeed are still there nagging in the back of her mind, it's suddenly not ever-present in her face all the time. (I mean, my real headcanon is that Janine continues to be smart and succeeds quickly in some STEM field or another, but it wouldn't be totally unreasonable to go in the opposite direction where she finally just snaps at some point and things go sideways for her because she can't deal with not being perfect.)

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