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-She’s thirteen now! Get used to it Claud…for the next 10+ years…

-I don’t think Claudia liking to dance is ever brought up again.

-When Dawn and I stand next to each other, we look kind of like a photograph and its negative. This is quite the artsy description. :D

-Ahhh, Charlie is the world’s most easygoing person.

-I felt so bad for Janine! She is so right: they don’t even LET her be involved in family stuff, whether it’s doing chores or joining in on the bonding sessions like tea with Mimi. They’re just content to let her be in her own little box as the genius. What makes me sad is that she seems to be walking on eggshells with her own family, careful only to do the things that they want.

Interesting how she looks wistful over the BSC – we’ve been informed that Janine has only one friend (the math genius? whatever happened to that one?) and she must surely be envious that Claudia has four insta-BFFs with the club.

At least they communicate with me. Hah, this makes me think that online comms and such would be good for Janine. If this hadn’t been written in the 80’s, I’d have assumed she was chatting or on a forum or something.

-how fricking adorable is Janine playing with the Newtons? Cooing over Lucy and playing pat-a-cake, awwww.

-also, pretty interesting that being called a nerd sets her off. She must hear it a lot, poor thing.

-"Five baby-sitters! What would you do with five baby-sitters, Jamie?"
"Have lots of fun," he replied cheerfully.

Jamie’s clear adoration for his babysitters continues to make me melt. See also "Claudy’s here." <3

-someone should really tell Karen off and not let her get away with such things, tsk. But at the same time, I was super amused at the image of the whole BSC and all of the kids using sweet Andrew as their convenient monster – and at Andrew going along with it!

-ok but Andrew/Jenny futurefic though

-the bathing Louie scenes are so much fun! All of the kids chasing him around, hee. And 'he shrank!/now he’s fat again!' is adorable.

- I love the little Mimi-isms we keep getting like Minnie is the mouse and shattered eggman. <3

-Everything about Mimi is so hard to read. The blinking scene broke my heart when I was younger and still does now.

-I like how by now the whole BSC loves Mimi and how her situation puts them all in the doldrums during meetings. Mary Anne being described as ‘schoolteacherish’ though. :) I’m impressed she didn’t burst into tears when Mimi yelled – it says a lot about their bond that Mary Anne can take it. That, and Mary Anne saying "I deserved it": really mature.

- "You’re always pushing me into my world and out of yours." –ohhhh good way to put it. I do wish Claudia would have apologized along with giving Janine her advice.

-re: the scene where Mr. Kishi gets a pad of paper:
"I think she’ll need something bigger," I said.
Everyone looked at me. "Why do you think that?" asked Dad curiously.
"I just – just do." I’ve had enough trouble in school to know what will be easy, and what will be difficult.

Huh, okay, so I don’t know much about learning disorders (which I’ve seen as a theory re: Claudia), but could this have been foreshadowing for a future plot that was later dropped? Or am I just reading too much into it?

-all in all, this was a really good one and showed some nice self-awareness in Claudia, plus, the B-plots were cute! And OMG, I can’t wait for the next one – Sea City books were so my jam.

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