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ozqueen ([personal profile] ozqueen) wrote in [community profile] stoneybrook 2016-06-12 01:54 am (UTC)

Interesting that the notebook and record book stay in Claudia's room, but Stacey takes the treasury home with her. Does she think Claud is going to go on a sugar-crazed midnight Ho-Ho run with the treasury money?

Oh my god can somebody please write a fic where Claud suddenly starts pilfering money from the treasury and has to come up with this elaborate scheme and second job to cover her tracks.
Kind of like Mary Anne in The Secret Life of Mary Anne Spier, only instead of paying off her dad's credit card, Claudia is funding her sugar habit and trying to disguise the fact she's skimming BSC dues.

I'm thinking about the revelation that Mary Anne doesn't actually like tea all that much and I'm deciding she develops a taste for it, especially after Mimi dies. And that she and Claudia have tea.

I am totally happy to accept this :D

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