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- I'm already so angry at Mr and Mrs Kishi for so blatantly favouring Janine. Praising her, bragging about her to their relatives, etc. Poor Claud.

- Kristy and Mary Anne wearing Janine's old hand-me-downs, oh my gosssh, so cute.

- I like the detail about Janine teasing Claudia about not being smart. It seems realistic. But oh, Claud :(

- Dad is a partner in an investment business in Stamford, Connecticut

Oh hey! I had no idea what Mr. Kishi did for a living.

Also, come on, WHY do they have such an objection to Nancy Drew? She's pretty wholesome and straight-forward - there are definitely worse things Claud could be interested in.

- This book still references Kristy as living across the street. I wonder if we'll get to see the Thomas family actually move?

- Mary Anne is perfect for the job. She’s well-organized and smart, and she has the neatest handwriting of anyone in the club.
I will never understand this when Stacey and Dawn's handwriting is so much more legible.

- I will never understand why they started out with trying to pay Charlie $2 for every meeting when they have three meetings a week and they only contribute $5 total to the dues each week. GUYS, COME ON. Lucky Charlie is such a good guy and he knocked the price down.

- “Here it is, summer vacation. We’re out of school, the children we sit for are out of school, and at least until next month when two of us are going away, there isn’t much to do around here."
FORESHADOWING :D I really love how connected all of the early books are. There are a lot of references to the previous books and little hints about what we're going to see in the next couple of books.

- Omg the girls going door to door to advertise their playgroup is SO CUTE. I love the baby-sitting competency, yesssss.

- I still don't understand why Jenny is a brat. Karen is DEFINITELY more of a brat and she doesn't get half the hate from the BSC that Jenny does.

- Mallory, the oldest Pike, just had a birthday, and is eleven. She’s very good with her younger brothers and sisters. I bet she’ll be a baby-sitter herself one day.
More foreshadowing! :D

- Haha Mallory jumping to the assumption the BSC is there to dob one of the triplets in for something :D And then the girls suggesting to Mrs Pike that Mal would make a great helper ♥

- Mimi collapsing D: And poor Claud has had to call emergency services in both of her books!

- LOL at just how French Chez Maurice is.

- I still fail to see how Jenny is a brat. In book #5, the BSC were pretty quick to recognise that Mrs Barrett was the problem, NOT the kids. Why is Jenny the problem here?

- "Claudy's here" OH MY HEART ♥

- What the fuck at Mrs Kishi not bothering to ask Janine if she wanted to see Mimi. And then Mr Kishi kind of taking Janine down a peg with that "Dr Kishi" remark.

- Oh my gosh, poor Claud not being able to stay with Mimi :( :( :(

- Jenny's a brat but "with Karen around, things are never dull" and "she just has a wild imagination" - ughhhh

- I like the return of "Andy" for Andrew. Claudia asks him if it's okay to call him that, and we've already seen Watson call him that in an earlier book. It's a nice little continuity thing :D

- Karen is fucking insufferable holy shit. There's being a kid, and then there's just being a brat, and I'm increasingly bothered by what she gets away with when other kids don't get the same treatment.

- Oh my god the Andy monster telling Jenny to wear her smock, hahaha ♥

- Claud and Janine picking a bouquet of flowers from the back garden. I wish we'd actually gotten to see that - it's all been bickering so far, and blatant "we're clearly misunderstanding each other and being unfair" and it would have been nice to see a little progress in the other direction. That could have been a cute little scene. I guess that's what fanfiction is for though ;)

- Elizabeth's note, haha ♥

- I could just picture the two of them on the porch with the flash cards. Mary Anne was wearing a jeans skirt, a pink and white striped blouse, and loafers with no socks. I’m sure she was perched on the edge of her chair with her feet crossed. One hand was probably holding up the cards, and the other was probably playing with her hair.
Oh I love this image. Of COURSE Mary Anne sits with her ankles crossed. ♥

- Mary Anne and Mimi making up ♥ This book gives me so many feeeeelings.

- AUNTIE NORA'S SWIZZLE STICKS. I have no idea why this detail delighted me so much but IT DID.

- I love how kind Mrs Newton always is to Claudia. "You're so good at things like that." So far we've seen more praise for Claudia from Mrs Newton across these books than we have from Claud's parents.

- There were Mimi and Janine, sitting across the table from each other. They were drinking tea from Mimi’s cups, and were involved in a conversation about being left-handed versus being right-handed. Truthfully, the conversation sounded a little dull. But Mimi’s eyes were sparkling, so I knew she was very, very happy.

- Mrs Pike calling for the Mothers Helpers! I seriously thought this must have already been organised thanks to that little line about "two of us being away next month" earlier on, but I guess it must have meant Dawn's trip to California and Claud's vacation.

- Wow I really had forgotten a lot about this one! It was so cute though, I really enjoyed it. I am definitely noticing more of the smaller details this time; things I never noticed as a kid. And you get a whole new appreciation for things reading them as an adult.

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