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-Hmmm, mildly disappointed by this one. I expected more Thomas family shenanigans. I mean, we'll never hear about most of these kids again, and all in all, it feels like a long string of the baby-sitting chapters we see per book.

BTW, from which side of the family is cousin Robin? (aka the one Kristy is writing to in the Chain Letter book)

-Kristy gets gooey-eyed over dressing up fancy here! So much that 'I'm gonna be a bridesmaid' is a chapter-ender! I don't recall her being this enthusiastic in the much-later books. :p

-I think it's really telling of how the Thomas kids got used to saving up that Kristy says (re: going along with Edie on her trip) she won't even buy tacky souvenirs, just food. Though from what I remember in future books (the Specials, probably!), Kristy (or was that Abby?) becomes a tacky souvenir enthusiast later on.

-Hah, Elizabeth saving Patrick's money for all the kids' college education. And I guess the Grandma we keep hearing about really IS Patrick's mom! Nice that she was still on friendly terms with them

For the time being, she was still our boss. The Thomas boss. Looove. I just love that we are constantly told that Watson hardly had to ‘sweep her off her feet’ –she kicked ass long before that.

-I, too, do not really see how Watson is a 'jerk', and I chalk it up to Kristy's negative new-dad feelings! Speaking of, here it says that only the Thomases will spend for four college tuitions, but in Kristy's Big News, we're told that Watson's gonna help pay for Charlie's. I guess they compromised.

-I love Kristy and David Michael's relationship here! Love how DM says "she's my sister, she's telling the truth!" and how both of them have a 'Mom-has-zero-time-for-our-whining' radar. :D

I totally get all of their anxiety about moving though. If you love the place you’re moving from, you'll always want 'one last' day, week, month, and it's one last summer in Kristy's case.

-Heh. Stacey dressing like Madonna actually doesn't come off as dated. And here’s the first reference to her love of Mary Poppins.

-I have a feeling it was Sam. The person said, ‘Hello, this is Marmee March. I need a sitter for Amy tonight, someone who has experience with little women. OMFG, SAM. I have no words. XD (Funnily enough, Kirsten Dunst, who was a model for the second book, would go on to play Amy in an adaptation.)


-Mary Anne shot Luke a hideous look - this cracks me up! Fancy Mary Anne having a hideous look!

-Seriously, Watson, tell Karen to at least stop yelling about witches when the actual "witch" is present!

-THOMAS KIDS ALONE TIME. I wish we had more of these! I adore that they’re having one last hurrah at the house they grew up in and Charlie laying down 'house rules'. <3

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