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I DO think it's kind of weird that she put the house up for sale in June when they were planning to move in September. It is really not that weird to have someone who can move in so soon! I mean, it's weird that it was in two days, but what if they had a buyer in July or August? I don't know if it was different in the 80s, but I had closing in 30 days. All it takes is for someone to see it and make an offer.

I found this weird too! I would have preferred just a standard "we want to get married earlier, in the summer" excuse, rather than all the other excuses piling up, like Elizabeth's Europe trip and the sale of the house.

I guess Elizabeth is one of three sisters? It doesn't say out of Theo/Neal which is her sibling, but Colleen is described as "mom's youngest sister of all," so I guess Theo is also her younger sister?

It says Theo is the middle sister. Colleen is the youngest, and I love that she's describe as "like Nannie, with a bit of a wild streak."

I love Charlie's house rules. This is their last chance to be on their own and I love it. I kind of wish we saw more of the Thomas kids on their own.

Me toooo. The Thomas family is adorable. ♥

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