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Late, but better late than never!

- Karen and Andrew and I were crowded into a lawn chair in our backyard.

Awwwwww! :D

- I liked the detail of Sam scoffing all the olives at the table haha. I love learning little things like that about a character - I had no idea he was mad for olives!

- Watson looked at Mom. We all knew what the answer would be, but I liked the fact that Watson let Mom say it. For the time being, she was still our boss. The Thomas boss. And Watson knew it.

Aw :D

- “Since when do you like long, fancy dresses and flowers?” asked Sam.

“Since right now,” I replied. “Oh, Mom!”


- I wonder what Elizabeth's Europe trip was all about? I kind of want fic for it. Vienna! What was she needed in Vienna for? Is it canon or fanon that she works in HR?

- It seems so weird to me that Patrick gets half the money for the house? IDK I would have thought all of that would have been settled in the divorce, though I guess it's not totally out of the question that Patrick could have been a big enough douche to demand half the sale price if the house ever sold. (It just seems so weird.)

- David Michael tiptoed across the kitchen and held my hand. He stared at Mom, fascinated.

This is absolutely adorable.

- Kristy's bedroom also overlooks the front yard - I had always headcanon'd it as being "in the middle" because only the side window is ever mentioned.

- We would string a paper-cup telephone between our rooms, or sail paper airplanes with messages on them through the windows. “What’s this all about?” asked Stacey. She was lying on her back across Claudia’s bed with her head hanging over the side, brushing her hair.

Omg I love little details like this ♥

- “I’m going to take notes while you talk,” Mary Anne spoke up.


- Theo & Colleen are both younger than Elizabeth. And also I love the description of Colleen being like "a younger version of Nannie" :)

- Uncle Neal was just getting out of the car. He is not my favorite relative. His pants and shirt never match, he smokes cigars, and he talks too loudly.

I love that twice so far in the series Kristy has complained about a man's pants not matching his shirt.

- All of Nannie’s presents were handmade. Mine was a beautiful sweater, bright red with little black Scottie dogs trotting across the front. I hugged Nannie and thanked her eight times.


- I laughed so hard at Karen declaring she was going to draw a "big ugly picture" of Morbidda Destiny. I don't know what that was so funny, but it was.

- Uggggh Karen with the whole Martians thing. Ugh.

- How shitty of the parents to expect the BSC to take SIX KIDS to the barber shop, what the fuck.

- Watson has three toaster ovens?

- “I can do better than that,” I said. “Last year, out of the clear blue, Grandma – my other grandmother – sent us all these funny dress-up clothes. Some of the clothes would be perfect for our wedding. I’ll go get them.”

God I am SO INTERESTED in how involved Patrick's mother is with the Thomas family. I like that this is mentioned again though - it was mentioned in one of the earlier books as "antique toys" and this is a nice little bit of continuity.

- The fake wedding is adorable.

- “Okay, then. Karen, do you promise to love your husband and help him out and not hog the television?”

“I guess so,” said Karen.

“Okay. And David Michael, do you promise to love your wife and help her out and show her how to ride a two-wheeler?”

Amazing vows.

- Ugh Karen. She doesn't seem like an unrealistic kid or anything, but ugh. Everything with the martians and the black vs white magic. I think I'm mostly bothered by the fact that no matter how rude she is or how much she tries to freak other kids out, she never really gets in trouble for it?

- Kristy's new bedroom overlooks the backyard at Watson's. I always picture it as looking over the front yard!

- FFS Morbidda Destiny just crashes the wedding and Karen loudly freaks out, what the hell.

- David Michael gives Elizabeth and Watson goldfish as a wedding present. THAT'S SO CUTE!

- Awwww the family tree ♥

AWWW. This book was so cute :D

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