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“I’m saying that Watson and I are going to have to get married at the end of the month so we can move into the Brewers’ house two weeks later.” <- yeah, I also noted the "she can't live there as his fiance, even if they're in separate bedrooms"?

The Charlie+Sam+Kristy scene where they break the fourth wall and worry about the ups and downs of the move was touching. (And then Charlie as man of the house at the end was great.)

"You know, maybe we should divide the kids into age groups, organize your list according to age, oldest to youngest." I wonder how hard I imprinted on the plotline of "have a bunch of kids, cousins or otherwise, in one spot for a long time and organize them like that even if they're not well-developed," because I sort of remember trying to write stuff like that as a little kid. Maybe this is where I picked it up from.

"Mary Anne looked so long that Stacey’s quarter ran out and the pay phone clicked off." Yikes, dated! :)

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