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Before we get to the notes, I have to confess that this was my favorite book as a kid. Let's see how well it holds up!

The other “con” is that Watson is mostly okay, but sometimes he can be a jerk. - I guess this is still some of her lingering "he's not my dad" stuff. I really don't see how Watson can sometimes be a jerk!

“But Mom, a year from now I’ll be going to college. All the kids – ” - ! I am surprised to see this reference to underage drinking. And it's not really in a "bad girls" context, but almost a tacit admission that Charlie will drink in college.

I think it's sweet Watson asks Sam to be his best man. I forgot about the older boys' roles. Elizabeth asking Charlie to give her away almost made me tear up.

I DO think it's kind of weird that she put the house up for sale in June when they were planning to move in September. It is really not that weird to have someone who can move in so soon! I mean, it's weird that it was in two days, but what if they had a buyer in July or August? I don't know if it was different in the 80s, but I had closing in 30 days. All it takes is for someone to see it and make an offer.

The exchange about the money is interesting. I guess Patrick gets back in touch when there's a large sum of cash coming his way.

I do think it's funny that they can't move before the wedding. Like Elizabeth couldn't stay in one of the other eight bedrooms if they're really concerned about living in sin.

Poor Kristy having to leave Mary Anne next door. We got such a reminder in #4 that Mary Anne needs Kristy but Kristy does need Mary Anne. I'll miss MA and Kristy next door to each other and it was really only six books.

I do think it's cute that AMM thinks a fifteen-year-old boy would make such an accurate Little Women joke.

Sheila and Kendall?!?!?!? Also, wtf at jetting off to England the week before your ex-husband gets married with no notice. If they knew "Sheila and Kendall" were going to England, wouldn't that have been mentioned before? Also - is there no one else? Doesn't Lisa have parents?

LOL at Sam offering to take care of all the kids for $500.

I did remember that they had to pay to keep Kristy at SMS. (But why do they get bus service?) But I didn't remember that they didn't tell her.

I love Kristy, Sam, and Charlie talking about what it's going to be like when they move to Watson's.

It's interesting that Kristy calls the BSC families 'her guests.' Though I assume W&E would have invite the Kishis and the Spiers anyway!

I guess Elizabeth is one of three sisters? It doesn't say out of Theo/Neal which is her sibling, but Colleen is described as "mom's youngest sister of all," so I guess Theo is also her younger sister? (It makes sense she's the eldest because her kids are so much older.) I wonder where they live (it says out of state, I think) and where they grew up. Nannie lives in Connecticut, but did she move closer to Elizabeth because she's a single mom?

So, who is this eighth grade asshole in Watson's neighborhood who told Karen about aliens and where is he in the later books?! (I am willing to accept that it's made up, too.)

She thought about telling them they weren’t allowed to discuss Martians anymore, but decided that was too mean. - WTF? Too mean? I don't hate Karen like some people do but I do hate when they put up with her bullshit. This is not cute and I always thought so, even when I was closer to Karen's age than the BSC's age. I think I WAS Karen's age when I was reading these, actually.

Stacey and Mary Poppins is utterly adorable. I actually forgot they got to see almost all of the movie. For some reason, I remember them as missing it! The pay phone incident really dates it!

What exactly does one do with three toaster ovens?

LOL at Claud questioning why they have to write in the notebook when they're all together. Plus they'll never see most of these kids again! (I don't even think Kristy's family is ever referenced again?)

Yes! I remember the pretend wedding. Is there a TV episode of this book?? I haven't seen much of the show but somehow, I seem to remember the pretend wedding.

Last year, out of the clear blue, Grandma – my other grandmother – sent us all these funny dress-up clothes. - Interesting! So they're still in touch with Patrick's mother. Remember the antique toy chest? I bet that was this.

Haha, I totally forgot about Sam and Charlie. I guess they must've found other things to occupy their time this week…

Mary Anne helping Kristy get dressed. <3

Aww, Kristy gaining strength when she sees Mary Anne and Claudia. Nannie crying.

I cannot believe that poor Mrs. Porter never finds out about the witch stuff. Karen sure shrieks about it enough; she has to hear her at some point.

Isn't it weird that they didn't invite her to start with, though? They're having the wedding right next door! Jamie Newton scores an invite but not your next-door neighbor? Maybe Watson thinks she's as weird as Karen does.

"A friend of Watson's" takes Karen and Andrew to their mother's? What, did Lisa not want to come over on his wedding day? Or did they get back from England right that second?

Watson says she was a beautiful bridesmaid. <3

I love Charlie's house rules. This is their last chance to be on their own and I love it. I kind of wish we saw more of the Thomas kids on their own.

This was always one of my favorite BSC books. I was an only child and the crazy antics of large groups of kids was always something that appealed to me. But this time, I enjoyed reading about Kristy's misgivings and the wedding. I've loved seeing her journey to grow to accept Watson. So, yes, it might still be my favorite BSC book. ♥

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