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Eeeesh, I’m so late to this. Quick notes:

-Ok so, WAY to give Dawn a trial by fire into the Baby-Sitters Club. More like Dawn and the Impossible Mom. I mean, jeez!

-So, Dawn was very much an equalizer that the BSC needed after that huge fight! I like that she’s described as going back and forth between Kristy and Mary Anne’s table and Stacey and Claudia’s table.

-It’s nice that there’s now at least one friend of Claudia’s who tries to be friendly-ish with Janine.

-Haha, I think Dawn talking to the weatherman has some callbacks in a future book

-What would I do without you, Dawn? *remembers that Dawn leaves later* *is sad*

-Awww, I like that Dawn is quite insightful and understanding of Kristy’s jealousy. And the patching up scene in the barn, HOW CUTE. I would love to have a barn like the Schafers’!

-Hahaha, is the Bizzer sign like the Pike’s version of Monica and Ross Geller (from Friends’) I-am-secretly-flipping-you-off sign?

-Ahhh man, poor Buddy. He's looking for congratulatory hugs from his babysitter for heaven’s sake. The part with Suzi and Buddy calling Dawn just to talk breaks my heart.

-SO, Mrs. Barret is so much more interesting to me now! Young and hot and glam, the state of the house is terrible, it seems she’s STILL easing into the idea of having a family… Also, aside from the BSC parents, she’s the ONLY parent whose age is mentioned so far, so that we know she had Buddy at 25.

- Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I think it’s implied that her first kid was an unplanned pregnancy and she just married Hamilton Sr. without planning ahead? Idk.

- Mrs. Pike sure is the person to go to in a crisis. And I know Mrs. Barrett was irresponsible, , but that's also a dick move on Ham Sr.’s part. Come on, you two, wise up.

-This may be how a war gets started- Dawn says this kind of thing a lot in later books!

-But I can’t be a good babysitter unless the parents give me a little help. – I really like that this is the moral of this particular book. It’s doesn’t just make possible babysitting readers aware of how to call out disorganized parents. It also makes the kids of those kinds of parents aware that this kind of thing isn’t okay.

-Maybe one day the Baby-sitters’ club will be a huge organization, and Mallory will be part of it. Oh Dawn. It’s gonna happen sooner than you think.

-“Charlie!” cried Mary Anne suddenly. *ships MA/Charlie totally out of context*

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