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And Dawn and Stacey bond over being new in town!

Yes, I loved this too! ♥

I had always missed that MA got contacts to replace her reading glasses; I wondered if they just got lost in Early Book Syndrome. Although, correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't contacts for reading glasses impractical? Is it okay to keep taking them in and out as you would reading glasses?

It seems seriously impractical to me D: I wear reading glasses - contacts would absolutely not be an option.

Ooh, more information about Watson's house! Nine bedrooms. That's a lot, even for mansions. I'm a bit surprised it's on a regular street with a bunch of other houses. Shouldn't it be on more acreage? Are these houses back from the street with long driveways, at least?


Dawn and Kristy bonding! Them playing in the barn is adorable! I love how Kristy is a little afraid and Dawn gets to see that. I love how they talk and I love how Kristy just comes out with the alternate officer stuff. Was she really thinking about it, or did she just make it up right then?

Yes! One of my absolute favourite scenes.

Oh, missing Buddy. Mrs. Pike is so good and helpful. I love her. This situation is terrifying. Even though I knew what happned, my heart dropped when Jordan said he saw Buddy get in a car. (Look what an adult re-read will do?)

Yes, omg. I got this feeling of utter horror when someone found the little red shoe that could have been Buddy's.

A picture of the club for MA. These girls are so sweet!


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