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- There seems to be a pretty big jump here. Dawn has already been in Stoneybrook "a few months".

- I really like Mrs. Pike. She has lots of energy and she loves kids. (She’d have to, I guess.) She’s patient and funny and hardly ever yells. She and Mr. Pike have been really nice to our family ever since we moved here.

Oh my gosh, the Pikes ♥

- I like that Dawn says Claud is a bit hard to get to know. I can't remember for sure if it happens or not, but I hope later they bond over their love of mysteries and creepy stories.

- Our kids and their kids are back and forth all the time.

I bet the Pikes have to put up with all the neighbourhood kids over all the time.

We’ll tap on walls and press the wood paneling, hoping for something to spring out or swing open.

Omg I love that they've planned this.

We plan to explore the attic, too. Maybe we’ll find an old diary or something.


- Richard finally got laid, I guess


- Claudia was sitting cross-legged on her bed while her grandmother, Mimi, brushed her hair.

Ohhhh ♥

- jeez so MA saves the day takes place in Jan/Feb, and here Dawn mentions that Liz and Watson are getting married in autumn - they pass like half a year within three books!

- Sharon mentions earlier that the Spiers were poor (or poor by Schafer standards anyway) and then later she's all "he was tight with a penny" - SHARON, WHEN YOU GROW UP POOR YOU LEARN TO BE CAREFUL WITH MONEY

- Aw I feel really bad for Kristy here. But it's also kind of exhausting to have this tension there after all the fighting in the previous book.

- Oh I get so many feelings when Dawn sits for the Barrett kids ♥

- Andrew was wearing a red cap and a blue jacket decorated with gold braid. Hannie was wearing a skirt that reached to the floor; large, sparkly high heels with no toes; a fur stole; and a hat with a veil. In one hand, she carried a pair of spectacles attached to a diamond-studded stick. Behind her, Karen was dressed as Mrs. Mysterious, all in black, including a black eye patch and a black fright wig.


- “I’m just staying for one night this time, Mr. Bill Capstan.” (Hannie has never once pronounced “bell captain” properly.)


- “When the house was first built,” I said, “there was nothing but farmland for miles around it. But Stoneybrook kept growing, and the people who owned the house kept selling off land until finally there were just one and a half acres left, with the house, an outhouse, a barn, and an old smokehouse. It sort of got rundown. By the time my mom bought the place, nobody had lived on the property for two years. We got it cheap.”

I find everything about this utterly FASCINATING. I really want a properly layout of Stoneybrook. I know I sound like a broken record, but: The canon map we have is SHIT.

- Kristy and Dawn bonding in the barn remains one of my favourite scenes of the entire series ♥


- Once I had even missed a meeting of the Baby-sitters Club. Mrs. Barrett had promised me she would be home by 5:30, and she didn’t get back until 6:05.

Oh, I like this detail! It makes sense that the girls would occasionally miss a meeting because they'd be at a job.

- Two days later, I came down with Suzi’s bug and spent hours in the bathroom. Mom and Jeff caught the bug from me, and the Pike kids caught it from Buddy, who had been spreading it around the afternoon I sent him to their house while I was taking care of Suzi.

Oh man, imagine all of the Pikes falling ill at the same time D:

- It took a lot of questioning and two phone calls to Mrs. Pike, but we finally figured out where the Barrett relatives belonged on the tree.

Oh my gosh they call Dee to help with Buddy's homework. Twice! ♥

- Oh and then Buddy takes his gold star to Dawn's house to show her, MY HEART ♥

- “Hey,” Kristy exclaimed, looking awed. “Mary Anne, where are your father’s glasses?”
“He got contacts,” Mary Anne replied.
“Your father?”
Mary Anne nodded.
“Got contacts?”
I began to giggle.
“I don’t believe it. I absolutely do not believe it,” said Kristy. “It’s amazing. Get me a chair, somebody. I may have to sit down.”
Mary Anne made a great show of pulling up a lawn chair, and Kristy made a great show of collapsing into it with one hand pressed over her heart.

lmao this whole chunk is amazing ♥

- I tried to read the expression on Pop-Pop’s face. He didn’t look angry. I nudged Mary Anne and then Kristy. “How would you say my grandfather looks?” I asked them.

“Well, he looks very nice,” replied Kristy. “This is the first time I’ve ever met him, of course, but I’d say he looks good, although his shirt doesn’t exactly match his pants.”


- Omg Pop Pop and Richard talking about banking laws and getting along like a house on fire. ♥

- Oh my gosh, Mary Anne's rainy day activities at the Barretts' are so ADORABLE

- I cannot express my glee for how often the Pikes are mentioned or show up in this book. I love them so much.

- Mr. Barrett's name is Hamilton ('Ham') and Marnie makes "the ham face" when she's happy OH MY GOD ♥ I thought 'ham face' was just a nonsense thing but it totally makes sense now and it's like a nod to her dad! THAT'S SO CUTE.

- Oh my gosh the Club picture at the end ♥ SO SWEET.

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