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- Kristy’s been like my sister, and Mrs. Thomas is like my mother.


- Surprised by Kristy being the job-hog! She's such a stickler for the club rules.

- “Maybe I am shy,” I said loudly, edging toward the door. “And maybe I am quiet, but you guys cannot step all over me. You want to know what I think? I think you, Stacey, are a conceited snob; and you, Claudia, are a stuck-up job-hog; and you, Kristin Amanda Thomas, are the biggest, bossiest know-it-all in the world, and I don’t care if I never see you again!”

DAMN that escalated fast, but GO MARY ANNE! I love it when she sticks up for herself. This book may be my absolute favourite for this very reason.

- I love how carefully Mary Anne writes her apology note to Claudia. She uses fresh paper and her best pen, and makes sure the creases are neat!

- Claudia was leaning on her elbows, her hair falling over her shoulders, whispering to Trevor. He was listening with a smile on his face. They looked very private and very cozy.

AWwww :D

- I wasn’t sure that I had ever made a new friend all on my own.

Awwww :(

- Burnt Hill Road feels like the wrong sort of address for Mrs Prezzioso

- I *love* learning BSC parent names! Nick and Madeleine Prezzioso! I want fic about them. Was she always classy and a bit out of Nick's league? Did she take pity on him when he asked her out, and then fell in love? Maybe she wanted to take care of him because he reminded her of a lost puppy.

- Richard is a criminal lawyer! This makes me ridiculously happy, because I think John Pike is like a corporate lawyer and he works for a tile company or something? Come on John, that's boring. But damn, Richard is straight-up Atticus Finch.
Omg now I want fic where he gets on the bad side of the wrong people and SHIT GOES DOWN. Maybe in the right circumstances he turns into Liam Neeson from Taken.

- They go on to talk about an appeal, but I didn't think the prosecution could appeal if the defendent was found not guilty? Get it together, Richard.

- Mary Anne doesn't like tea! This clashes with my headcanon. And several things I've written in fic.

- Mary Anne and Mimi, oh my gosh. ♥

- Mood whiplash when Claud overhears the "my Mary Anne" comment D:

- PIKES ♥ But ugh, so frustrating that Kristy is being so obnoxious she won't talk to Mary Anne even while at a job.

- “He spelled ‘all right’ all wrong,” Dawn remarked.
I think of this line ALL THE TIME. I absolutely cannot bring myself to write 'alright', and whenever someone else does, I think of Dawn.


- Omg the scene at the Newtons is so awkward and horrible, I hate it so much D:

- Then I said, “Dad? Did you ever know someone named Sharon Porter?”
Dad choked on a mouthful of carrots and had to drink some water before he could answer.

Omg ♥ And he gets all dreamy and vague for the rest of the evening. Oh Richard. ♥

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