saiditallbefore: (Mary Anne)
saiditallbefore ([personal profile] saiditallbefore) wrote in [community profile] stoneybrook 2016-05-28 05:33 pm (UTC)

Yeah, it really got to Kristy that Mary Anne made another friend. And it continues later, when she still gets bothered that Dawn is Mary Anne's other best friend.

I find it really weird that she's introduced as a friend of the Pikes, and that MA knows them a bit from seeing them at the Pike's house. That combo is really hard to imagine!!

I can imagine Mr. P as a friend of the Pikes, but not Mrs. P. They're just so... everywhere. Loud, and messy, and loose on rules (because who has time to be strict with 8 kids?). Although it would probably be good for Jenny.

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