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"Mary Anne Spier, for someone who's so shy, you sure can be — "- and that’s the book in a nutshell!

-Mary Anne really reaches the end of her rope in this book. Not surprising, what with all the little digs at her shyness and her “babyish-ness”, how she’s always being talked over and told off for not speaking up…all that stuff builds up and really hurts after a while. Something that strikes me is the scene where she’s alone in the house, slamming things and thinking how it feels good — lots of pent-up anger, girl!

-It’s really sad when she talks about wanting to take down her posters. But at the same time, I amused myself thinking that Richard probably fears she’ll put up "rebellious" posters of rock stars or whatever, but all she really wants is kittens!

-Lol @ the thought of Peter Rabbit on Sam and Charlie’s bedrooms

-Okay, Mary Anne says Kristy stayed home when her 'parents got divorced' but I’m guessing it’s just shorthand for when Patrick skipped town. I always thought Edie just sent him the papers later.

-Kristy and Mary Anne doing their I-have-a-new-friend posturing reminds me of the He’s Eating Another Boy’s Grapes! bit on Boy Meets World. :D

-Oh my gosh, Mary Anne’s attempted note to Kristy is SO mean compared to the one she composes for Stacey and Claudia! I’d totally forgotten about it. It’s almost like Mary Anne trusts Kristy to still like her at her worst, so she’s meaner.

-Awwww, Mary Anne and Dawn bonding over mutual loneliness. I know Mary Anne was partly spurred on by the fight, but I love the image of them giggling over other kids in the school cafeteria. And watching the Parent Trap! I believe that becomes a favorite movie once they become stepsisters.

I also like how it’s a cue that Dawn is sad over more than just the lack of friends when she says something like 'if my dad were here, he’d need to bend to enter the doorway.'

-Mary Anne’s insights over the Prezzioso family are also really interesting – I forgot how it’s ONLY Mrs. P. who is the prim and fastidious time and how Mr. P and Jenny actually the fancy clothes. They are going to attend a TEA, wtf?!

-Mary Anne and Dawn do indeed act like a dream team in handling the Jenny crisis,
it’s great. And super nice of Mr. P to pay them both.

and such but I forgot they actually MEET! How cute is it that Richard acts vague and dazed right after? :D

-The scene where Mary Anne takes out her braids has stuck with me after all these years. I’m thinking Richard was probably struck by how much she looked like Alma. </3

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