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isabelquinn ([personal profile] isabelquinn) wrote in [community profile] stoneybrook 2016-05-27 07:50 am (UTC)

I totally forgot about this horrible meeting. I was honestly expecting them not to have it - I actually thought MA making a date with Dawn was going to mean she missed the meeting. But KRISTY missed it! That surprised me.

Me too! I have a line in my notes that says WHOA, KRISTY DITCHED A MEETING??

The way they behave at Jamie's party is just so awful. It makes me really disappointed in them. The new mature Mary Anne! At least everyone has their bad turns in this, and no one comes out looking particularly good. At least they finally made up. That was all torture to read.

I haaaate that scene D: If it didn't end well, I think I'd have to skip it all together.

And YAY, first pizza toast!! :D a true milestone!

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