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isabelquinn ([personal profile] isabelquinn) wrote in [community profile] stoneybrook 2016-05-27 07:44 am (UTC)

I think Mary Anne breaking out of her shell a bit and making friends with Dawn was also really interesting in the effect it had on Kristy. Her reactions seemed very "Mary Anne made a friend without me????". I've always been aware that Mary Anne would have been unlikely to meet Dawn without the fight, because she needed that push to be brave, but I noticed this time around that Kristy probably also needed the fight. Without it, would she have let MA make another friend? I don't mean in a total domineering way, but in a has-had-a-lifetime-of-being-the-leader-of-their-twosome-and-doesn't-know-anything-else way.

Also, yeah, Mrs P :-| I find it really weird that she's introduced as a friend of the Pikes, and that MA knows them a bit from seeing them at the Pike's house. That combo is really hard to imagine!!

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