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isabelquinn ([personal profile] isabelquinn) wrote in [community profile] stoneybrook 2016-05-27 07:37 am (UTC)

-- The dog and bone earrings are Stacey's!! I'd misremembered them as Claudia's.

-- So I decided to google the colorforms from Mary Anne's kidkit, since she was really specific about it. Turns out it's Miss Cookie's Kitchen (not Mrs), and unless a newer version exists, it's pretty vintage!

-- "The shattered eggman" is such a great description of Humpty Dumpty <3

-- One of the things Mary Anne noticed when she was looking into Kristy's window (and Kristy was ignoring her) was that she was talking to her mother. I feel like this is a callback to Kristy's Great Idea, where Kristy says that her mum makes time to talk to each kid one-on-one every day <3

-- Fun fact: whenever I see any mention of Camus, I think "oh, Richard Spier's yearbook quote!". Nice job, self. Much literature, very knowledgable.

-- Is this the first pizza toast? If so, awww! I feel like one might have happened in Kristy's Great Idea, but my copy is out of arm's length and I don't feel like looking it up ;)

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