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saiditallbefore ([personal profile] saiditallbefore) wrote in [community profile] stoneybrook 2016-05-25 12:06 am (UTC)

Life caught up to me last week, but I'm back!

This one tugged at my heartstrings. Mary Anne and Richard's interactions were so sad. And Mary Anne is still a pretty lonely kid here; she's very dependent on Kristy still. It was nice to see her make friends with Dawn.

Speaking of: first glimpses of Dawn and the Schafer family! I liked the set up for Richard and Sharon's upcoming romance (and the fact that neither Dawn nor Mary Anne knows who Camus is). Dawn must run up her family's electrical bill like crazy, though, with those 100-watt light bulbs. ;)

Mrs. Prezzioso is so weird. I forgot exactly how ridiculous she was. I mean, if I had to extrapolate some sort of characterization, I would probably say that she's a nuevou-riche type. Mostly, like Mary Anne, I just think she's ridiculous.

“You mean some twelve-year-olds are ready to date and other twelve-year-olds still need baby-sitters?” This struck me as kind of self-aware, seeing as I think we've all mentioned that the BSC girls are, in many ways, very mature and responsible for their age. (Even if they're also silly or immature.)

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