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Notes made as I read, again.

I think it's interesting that Kristy and Mary Anne have the same curfew. In this re-read I am not really feeling that Richard is OMG SO STRICT.

How relaxed! It's "just barely 5:30" when Kristy and MA stroll in and Stacey's not there.

Oh, I hate when they fight. I do love that (a) Kristy didn't realize Stacey was talking about her when she made her bossy know-it-all comment and (b) she thinks she can push Mary Anne around. I bet she always has, and this is kind of cathartic. But MA is sad right afterwards. :(

Poor Mary Anne is just so SAD. Her interactions with Richard are painfully sad and awkward. Wanting a kitten poster. :( Waiting for Kristy to come to the window. :(

And she's anxious about the others having made up without her. She just breaks my heart. The note to Claudia! I love that MA and Claudia are the first to make up. They're another pair I don't often see.

Dawn! She needs someone, too. <3 I love how MA makes a friend all by herself but I'm sad she forgot about Claud. And Dawn is such a good friend, really. I'm often hard on her, but it's so hard to be new, and I think she thinks/guesses MA has no friends from the start, but is really sweet about it.

I totally forgot about this horrible meeting. I was honestly expecting them not to have it - I actually thought MA making a date with Dawn was going to mean she missed the meeting. But KRISTY missed it! That surprised me.

I do think it's kind of funny that they have a plan in place "while we're mad at each other" as though they expect to stop.

MIMI. I had always remembered Mimi and Mary Anne were close, but I didn't remember that they were THIS close. This is just wonderful.

Oh, but then it takes a turn for the worse. Poor Claud. I'm sad for her feeling like she's losing something special with Mimi and I'm mad for her horning in on Mimi and Mary Anne. And I forgot how worse it gets from here. Kristy and Mary Anne at the Pikes is painful and the way Kristy continues to treat Mary Anne is really making her hard to like.

Maybe when I stopped avoiding things, he would notice. This is so awesome and mature of her. I love it.

MA does beautifully during her crisis and so does Dawn! I love how quickly they've hit it off and how easily they work together after having known each other just a short time.

The way they behave at Jamie's party is just so awful. It makes me really disappointed in them. The new mature Mary Anne! At least everyone has their bad turns in this, and no one comes out looking particularly good. At least they finally made up. That was all torture to read.

The fist pizza toast! Yay for Dawn!

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