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read-through: #4 Mary Anne Saves the Day

Mary Anne Saves the Day


Welcome to week four of our BSC read-through! This week we're reading #4, Mary Anne Saves the Day.

This book was first published in February 1987.

You can read entirely at your own pace - there won't be any check in or anything through the week, but at some point next weekend I will put up a discussion post. It's not mandatory to participate in the discussion posts - they're just a place for us to squee/snark/love/laugh about things in the book we've just read.

You don't need a Dreamwidth account to participate! If you want to comment on anything, DW supports OpenID, or you can comment without signing in at all as an "anonymous" user. Just keep an eye on the MAIN PAGE of [community profile] stoneybrook and you'll be able to keep up with our latest posts.

Next Monday I will put up a reminder post for the next book in our list.

As for this post, feel free to share a few memories you have of Mary Anne Saves the Day. Have you read this book before? How long has it been since you read it? What do you remember about it?


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I've read this book so much I practically have it memorized, LOL ♥ My favorite part is definitely Richard & Sharon meeting face-to-face for the first time in at least twenty years! Oh, it just melts my hapless romantic heart, LOL :P
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I don't think I've read this one before! I'm about halfway through and I'm still pretty sure I don't remember it. Also, I'm just popping in here to say that I've been away from home for a week and a half and I'll be away for another couple of weeks with spotty internet access, so I'll be posting comments on everything from #2 onwards when I get home... but I am keeping up with the reading! And also, I have to say - it is SUPER hard to keep myself from reading ahead!! I'm sure I'll slow down as we move through the series but at this point I think I could be happily reading three or four of them a week. Also, general comment: I haven't read and re-read these early books the way some of you have so for the most part they're either totally new or dimly-remembered and I am enjoying them so much!! I love these realistic, complex characters so much more than the caricatures that they all turned into. I want to just write fic about THESE girls and how they grow up, before all the crazy shit that comes later in the series...