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*shudders* Stacey, leaving the roach in the closet was the wrong decision. Now he's on your stuff! He's in your clothes! What is he doing to your 55* outfit and your giant sweatshirts?

I actually like that Stacey acknowledges she misses her friends, not Stoneybrook, and that she really loves New York.

Interesting that there's no question about the other BSC parents allowing this. Was there no convincing Richard?

Mary Anne, you dork! I love that this book is kind of like a SS but not.

I thought Stacey took the subway to school. So she takes a cab every day?? Is this new since the diabetes, or the move back to the city?

I don't know why, but I find it kind of endearing that Stacey is afraid of Kristy saying or doing something embarrassing.

I love that Kristy is as excited by the train as she was by the airplane.

Dawn is being ridiculous. Anaheim is 100% part of the LA sprawl.

Only grandmothers pull around suitcases on wheels. - I had no idea this image of wheeled luggage existed. I can't remember the last time I saw a proper suitcase that wasn't on wheels.


I do appreciate that the Hard Rock Cafe shirts reappear on the cover of New York, New York. Including on Stacey, no less!

So even Stacey is too cool for Bloomie's now?

I wish we saw more of the Walkers. They seem really cool.

Stacey's anxiety over Laine and Claudia meeting is kind of cute.

But if it’ll make you feel better, Mary Anne, I’ll tell you what to wear. - I am so sorry, you guys, but between this and Stacey trying to buy Mary Anne underwear, I really want Stacey/Mary Anne.

KRISTY borrow an outfit from CLAUDIA?

Mary Anne is killing me telling Laine about her own home.

Ooh, wait until I get my hands on Mary Anne, I thought. - Stacey, this is way, way too easy.

Oh, I love that they try to have an old-fashioned BSC meeting.

I love how calm Mary Anne is when they lose Henry.

Aww, I love that Stacey is realizing she's a snob. (And that it's the Delacorte Clock that does it.)


Home on the Range does not scream Limo to me.

Laine and Claudia making up! Sharing Stacey stories!

Okay, Dawn is a vegetarian now. But she eats the lox!

Have fun and be careful. <3

* I don't remember the number.

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