Someone wrote in [community profile] stoneybrook 2016-08-18 03:19 am (UTC)

Dawn as treasurer is so weird! Also amusing when coupled with the comment later about not helping Jeff with math.

Mal had chestnut brown hair in the last book, and now it's dark. When does it turn red?!

Aww, Dawn wanting an induction.

Oh, Sharon. This must be so painful for her to consider sending Jeff back to California. :( I am really feeling for her this go-round.

I think it's kind of interesting that this is a Dawn book. It seems like Dawn would be the one going on about pageants being sexist, but I like the note that she needs some fun with all that's going on with Jeff.

Even I have to admit that Karen's reaction to the pageant is adorable.

Is it bad that I'm already tired of the Perkinses and they've been in... how many books?

"her father has some other important job" - LOL, Dawn doesn't know what Mr. J does

“Not really. I’d rather read.” - Me too, Char. Me too.

Claire and Margo's terrible talents are cute, too.

I love Claire's answer of what she would rescue. And Claire being a giant ham. I really love Claire. Karen singing fifteen verses of The Wheels on the Bus is cute too! And her not being able to pick between rescuing Andrew or her pen that writes in three colors. She's genuinely adorable and not obnoxious in this book.

Sabrina Bouvier singing Moon River, oh my lord.

Whoa, Margo being asked what she wants to happen in the year 2010!

I love how it turns into BSC kids vs. everyone else.

I'm with you, Myriah, I'd rather have a shopping spree at Toy City than go on to another pageant.

This book was pretty cute! It was nice to have a cute story to contrast with Jeff moving back to California. And now the clock is starting on Dawn leaving too. :(

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